Seasonal Skincare

If there is one gift that I love giving/receiving during the Christmas period it is skincare products. My own beauty regime has changed through time and for me, it is important to add a corrector into the mix. I suffered from dark spots on my face and I started using La Roche Posay and their Effactlar Duo cream. It honestly made a huge difference to my skin and I’m always interested in finding new products.


I was sent a skin corrector called Nanoblur by IndeedLabs (thank you, Hollie!) and over the weekend I started to include it into my daily routine. With Winter playing avoc with my skin, I’m always open to trying new skincare products.


I played around with the cream when applying it, testing out the smell, examining the texture and summing up how I feel about the cream. At first, the cream seems quite thick but once blended it feels quite lightweight. As I have oily skin, I was very excited when it set as a matte finish, always a bonus. Did I mention that it is non – greasey? I think every woman screams for joy when they invest in a product that sets onto the skin beautifully.


I don’t ever review products to sell them. If I’m blogging about something then it is because I genuinely like the results. So when I say that I absolutely adore this product, it’s because I’m telling the truth. It’s hard to explain, but when the cream set on my skin, it left a matte finish but it also smoothed out any imperfections I had on my skin. I have Malia under my eyes and it helped to minimise them in a concealing effect. They had not completely disappeared, but they were less noticeable. I have to admit that this was something I was happy with as I can feel a little self conscious with it. As these results appear to be instant, I will really get a true feeling with it after the 28 day settling in period.

With all of my thoughts on Nanoblur, it is a great little gift for yourself or stocking filler for a family member or friend. I find skincare can be tricky to buy for a person as you do not always get it right when it comes to skin types, but buying one that targets a general area such as fine lines (which we ALL have) tends to make a great gift.

Signing today’s post off with a stylish Monday cliché! Hope you all had a great weekend.



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