Dear Santa

This may seem a little embarrassing, but as a person who is in their ‘mid’ twenties, waking up to a stocking on Christmas morning is one of the most precious moments to me. It holds a lot of memories for, the little mandrin oranges, a Terry’s Chocolate Orange snowball and lovely little surprises. Classic Christmas!

I was very lucky to receive some lovely stocking filler inspiration (Thank you!) from Next and I am excited to share them all with you lovelies today. They are the ideal gifts to give/receive for ladies of all ages. Today I’ll be featuring a fabulous perfume bottle clutch, NYX neutral lipgloss set and a beautiful gold diamanté ring. The perfect gifts to put in your stocking.





How adorable is the clutch? I love a novelty style, always adds a touch of variety to your look. I wore one of the glosses last night at a Christmas party and I was happy with the shade and long lasting results. It wasn’t sticky either which is always a major bonus. I’m going to save the ring until Christmas Day to wear with my new outfit. If you like anything you see here, visit Next online or in store.

Happy Friday! I’ve officially finished work for two weeks and I could not be more excited! Have a great weekend.


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