High Street Beauty Haul

I wasn’t able to blog on Friday so I thought that I would kick start the week with a long overdue beauty haul post. My skincare routine has been quite disruptive recently so I needed to purchase my trusty favourites, La Roche Posay and Liz Earle. I also invested in two beauty buys that I have been hearing about from various bloggers. I’m already a huge fan of Hourglass Cosmetics and Real Techniques bold metals collection. Add a some sweet scents to my shopping spree and you’re onto a pretty haul.


Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish:

I have been an avid user of Liz Earle’s skincare masterpiece for a long time now. I use it morning and night to take off my make up and clean my face. You get two muslin cloths with this purchase which is always handy. They’re great for giving your face a thorough clean and taking every inch of dirt and make up off your skin. This tin set was part of their Christmas collection. For 150ml and two cloths, you buy £19. A good bargain of you ask me as the normal stand alone 100ml bottle is £14.


La Roche Posy Effaclar Duo [+]:

Now onto the absolute saviour of the skincare world! A few years ago, my skin took a turn and was constantly suffering from break outs. I have naturally sensitive skin but it was becoming a very annoying problem. Someone had suggested that I start using this and I have never looked back. It is beautifully moisturising on my skin and keeps any blemishes to a minimum.


M&S Perfumes:


I believe that a girl can never have too many perfumes. However with that said, it can become a costly addiction. Therefore, I found two dupes at Marks & Spencer that cost over half of the brand prices. Butterfly is a replica of DKNY’s Be Delicious (the green bottle). I came across this scent at the opening of their new beauty department at the Sprucefield store. I was instantly hooked and I save a lot when I’m in between the month. It’s great for wearing during the day as I like to keep my ‘good perfumes’ for special occasions.


Back in the day when I was a teenager I wasn’t allowed to buy perfume so I use to use my friends one. It was an Avon scent called Pure Blanca. Does anyone remember it or am I too old school?! Anyway, Isis is the double of it and acts as another great bargain busting perfume.


Hourglass Femme Nude:

Over the past two years, I have seriously become addicted to make up. I have so much that I have run out of storage yet I can’t help but purchase more. I find it worse when I make my regular trips to Boston and NYC. Every few months when I make the good old long haul flight, I reward myself with a trip to Sephora. You all know yourself how amazing that store is! Anyway, back to this post. For some reason, I never purchased the Hourglass Femme Nude shades. A solid natural lipstick is an essential part of my daily make up collection, so I am extremely excited to add this to the rest of my lippies.


Real Techniques Bold Metal Collection:

Saving the best until last, it’s the piece du resistant. There has been so much hype surrounding the Real Technique and their Bold Metal brush collection. You all know that I’m obsessed with rose gold, add a beautiful contour style brush to it and I’m in heaven. I haven’t got round to using it yet, but I’m really looking forward to creating a strong contouring look for a night on the town. I’ll report back soon with my thoughts on it.


Did all of you have a great weekend? How cold was it by the way?!?! I tried to snap some outfit posts, but the wind and coldness got in the way.


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