Thierry Mugler…

On Tuesday I came home to a sweet parcel containing Thierry Mugler’s latest fragrance from his Alien range, Eau Extraordinaire. I was quite excited to test out his new fragrance as it is a much lighter and sweeter smelling scent compared to his previous perfumes. The strong structured design of the bottle is appealing along with the fact that you can refill the bottle in various department stores such as Debenhams.


I have to admit that when it comes to picking the perfect scent, I tend to opt for quite fresh and fruity perfumes such as DKNY, Be Delicious and Inis. I always love the smell of the original Alien scent on other people but anytime I would spray a spritz of it on myself, I always ended up with a headache. It’s just too strong for me to enjoy which is a shame. I was also gifted with the Womanity scent for my birthday a few years ago but I had to give it away as I had the same problem.


I was a little hesitant when going in for the first spritz. At first it seemed a little strong but once it settled down, I was pleasantly surprised. Now saying that, I think this perfume is definitely best suited for nights out as it is stronger than my daytime scents but it will hold for the entire evening which is a bonus. It instantly gives off a pretty luminous floral smell with an incandescent freshness. There are quite a few fragrance notes within the perfume itself: Neroli, Bergamot Tea, Tiare flower, Cashmeran wood, White amber, Heliotrope.

With a perfume, I always recommend going and testing it out for yourself. I do like this perfume but everyone is different and a person’s scent is quite a personal preference.

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