Clarins Golden Glow

Ever since I attended my first Clarins event (you can read it here) I have become addicted to their products. I’ve built up quite a nice collection thanks to their glorious Aquatic Treasures goodie bag. Launching in May, I’m excited to share their Radiant Plus Golden Glow Booster with all of you. Within the radiance plus family there are two products available, one for your body (I’ll share this review with you at a later date) and the other is designed for your face.


I have a secret to share with all of you. I’ve never used a tan or colour enhancing product on my face or body. Shocker, I know. I’ve always been quite frightened of it. The streaks, the curry smell, the Umpa Lumpa fears have always been too much for me. However as this product is designed to give you a natural glow, I was somewhat intrigued. Another bonus is how travel friendly it is, I can keep this little cutie in my handbag and use it on the go.

It’s pretty easy to apply which is great for a first time user like me. It’s an oil based texture and it blends beautifully with your skincare products. The bottle advises that you add three drops however depending on what results you want, you can build it after your first few applications. The absolute fear of not having to wear a sock or glow and the hassle of whether or not you have to shower afterwards drains me of all energy so I’m impressed with the simplistic nature of this pretty gem.


When it comes to my fearful qualities from tan, I was pleasantly surprised that it is easy to apply with an even coverage and best of all, no streaks. Like I’ve previously said, you can build it up to a tone that you require. I applied a small amount on day one so there was just a lovely light glow but after that I found it very effective. It had a very faint fragrance for those of you who are sensitive to smell. As it is an oil based texture and combined with moisturiser, my skin didn’t feel dry as it was applied. Overall it gave a pretty natural glow. I would definitely recommend it for those of you who prefer a more natural look or if it’s your first time using a tan or glow product.


Now that I have my face sorted, I’ll be sure to keep you updated with the body verdict in a few weeks.


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