As a person who has extremely sensitive skin, I’m always on the hunt yet hesitant when it comes to trying new brands. I’m eager to find a product that agrees with my frustrating skin type but the thought of putting it through a trial period makes me a little nervous. When I was approached about skincare brand, Eléni I did a little research into the brand.

Peter Meyer is the founder of the skincare brand. Having suffered from Psoriasis, he knows a thing or two about the body’s largest organ. Twenty five years ago be set up his own laboratory with a team of scientists to find a cure for his condition. Fast forwards a quarter of a century and Eléni claims to have answers to anti ageing, hydrating and nourishing, cleansing and problem skin. As a girl who has hormonal skin, I was eager to try out this scientific based brand.


Now, I’ve yet to try out all samples as I like to allow my skin the standard 28 days to settle with the products. So far I’ve used the Reconstruction Serum and Blemishless Cream. I do love a good serum, I find my skin responses well with them. I have a good variety of brands already so I was looking forward to testing out this one. The serum is designed to reduce wrinkle depth and therefore resulting in a smoother, firmer, more youthful appearance. I personally found that my skin was smoother and it felt nice and hydrated. 


God knows I have my fair share of breakouts especially when my hormone level shifts. If I find a blemish, I have been dabbing a pea size amount of the Blemishless Cream on before bedtime. Come morning, it has reduced a little but not to the point of it completely disappearing. Although I don’t really think a product can get rid of a blemish within hours. Maybe there are some that can but I’ve yet to come across them. 



I’ll be sure to keep all of you updated regarding the rest of the samples; Mild Stabilising Moisturiser, Eye Contour Smoothing Cream and Facial Deep Cleanser. Follow me on Instagram to stay up to date with all of my blog and daily features.


3 thoughts on “Eléni

  1. Oh this sounds fab! I am on the look out for a new skin care brand so keep me updated with this one xx

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