Sweet Senso

During the week I shared a shot of my new Senso Riley Leopard Pony heeled sandals from my Week On Instagram post. I received so many lovely comments regarding them from all of you, so I thought I would feature them today. I haven’t worn them yet so be sure to stay tuned to my blog for a full outfit post including these beauties.

I first came across the Australian brand when I was watching Fashion Bloggers. I spotted the magnificent Margaret Zhang wearing them in black so I quickly took to my iPad to research Senso. I spent some time browsing the collection and came across my fabulous Pony Skin heels. I immediately added these beauties to my basket and received a lovely email confirming my purchase.

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the art of these sandals. The fabric, print and style is to die for and I’m so excited to find the perfect occasion to wear them. They’re just so, so, so beautiful! The heel is perfection, the older I’m getting the more sensible I find my heel height. I enjoy nothing more than coming home after any day or night with my feet still in one piece and not looking battered or bruised.

A good wrap up lace is always a flattering look. It helps to break up the look and adds a little variety, it also makes my ankles look thinner. Bonus! I absolutely adore this style for Summer, combining the lace detailing with the magnificent leopard print I could give Carrie Bradshaw a run for her money.

I’m going to snap some outfit shots over the next week so expect to these my new favourite heels in a feature or two. Happy Friday, lovelies.


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