Inspirational Blogger || Zanita Whittington 

This week is all about the Australian blogger sensation, Zanita Whittington from the hit TV show and my personal favourite, Fashion Bloggers. With the return of the show just last week, I felt it was only fitting to feature Zanita. Over the next few week’s I’ll continue to focus the spotlight on each of the bloggers from the show. My last inspirational blogger was Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley (you can read her feature here). She is the Yin to Zanita’s Yang, polar opposites and that’s what makes them the perfect best friend duo. They remind me so much of me and my bestie, we are completely different and balance each other out. I don’t know what I would do without her, she’s my rock.

The show focuses on a group of girls who are genuine friends, a hard factor to come across especially within the blogging and fashion industry. They embrace every moment together and lead the way throughout the fashion world accomplishing milestones one post at a time. Her perfect laid back personality makes Zanita all the more relatable and down to earth. This is represented within her own personal style and throughout her blog.

When I think of Zanita’s style, I think of a free spirited individual. Expect lots of prints, boho vibes and the occasional pop of colour. We both have a love for Senso shoes, not a bad designer to have in common, right?!?! Zanita spends most of her time jet setting to Fashion Week and attending some amazing shows and events. She is such a fun girl making her a must have attendee across the globe.

I personally find that most bloggers, myself included has a keen eye for photography. For the large part, we take our own photo’s for social media, ie: Instagram and our blog if we can. Travelling is the beat opportunity to snap some shots of exotic destinations, mouthwatering food and beautiful cultures.

Travel. An mandatory requirement when you are a blogger. Zanita is extremely lucky to have the chance to travel the world exploring new countries, meeting other inspirational individuals and we are fortunate enough to see her do this through the wonder that is social media. If I was able to stay in a luxurious bed like the one below, I’m afraid I would never come home. It is without a doubt fit for a Queen.

Happy Friday, lovelies. I just want to thank you all for your constant love and support, it means a lot. Have a great weekend.


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