Summer lips with Clarins

I think one of the most important beauty essentials is taking good care of your lips. Not only for kissing (you know it’s true) but I always think that they are the first thing people look at. When your face to face with people they will concentrate on your lips and it’s vitally important that you keep them moist. Cracked lips are not a good look for anyone! Lip balms are a required process on a daily basis, but they don’t have to be the regular clear colour. Clarins have a selection of beautifully scented, magnificently moist and delightfully delicious Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors to play with this Summer. (Can we take a moment to appreciate my alliteration! Haha)



I have to admit, the application of applying a gloss type product makes me really nervous. I hate the stick applicators as they hurt my lips and just leave it feeling messy in my opinion. Another reason why I’m enjoying using these perfectors is the fluffy soft top head. It helps to smooth on the gel easily but holds onto any extra product without overloading your lips.


It’s not your traditional lip balm formula but it is more of a gel texture. I’ve been wearing each of these shades for a few week’s now and they are so handy for adding a little colour to your daytime look or for perfecting that perfect natural glossy lip on a night out. The tint is strong enough to be noticed but soft enough to wear as a lip treatment. It is quite a thick formula but I personally prefer that kind of product. They smell and taste absolutely delicious! I could spend my days eating them more so than wearing them! Haha



If you’re looking for a soft and subtle sunkissed look a tinted lip perfector is definitely the way forward. Do you lovelies have any recommendations for summer lip products? I’d love to hear your favourites.


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