Last week I tried my first ever tanning experience. I actually can’t believe I’m writing this as fake tanning makes me feel so nervous. I’ve never applied it or went for a spray tan, I don’t know what it is but I just have some absolute fears about the entire process. That said, I had the pleasure of meeting with Lisa from Bellamianta and I thought that I would give it a go. I’m not going on any foreign holidays this summer so I am in dire need of that golden glow.


Lisa was very kind to fill me in on the tan, and gave me a great run through especially with me being a first time user. She explained that the product is non-toxic and free from Parabens, music to my ears as sometimes I fear the ingredients that go into some tans. It’s also free from harsh chemicals and is completely alcohol free which is an added bonus, especially when it comes to waxing or shaving. No one needs a raw burning sensation when applying it the day after grooming.


It honestly took me a good 15 minutes to build up the courage to start applying the tan. I sat everything out and had done all of the necessary prep for it. I genuinely didn’t realise how much organisation goes into getting ready to apply fake tan. I had heard other friends saying that they need to exfoliate before hand but I didn’t realise how many hours before etc. I’m not going to lie but when it came out of the bottle looking so dark, my heart started beating faster. I probably sound so dramatic in the entire process but I just had to bite the bullet and get on with it.


So I applied a small amount on the velvet mitt and started on the bottom of my legs and began applying the tan in circular motions. I straight away noticed the colour going onto my skin and I just kept smoothing and evening it all out. Within a minute or two the tan was nice and dry with an even base. It is a medium shade, so for my first ever tanning adventure I wanted to keep it natural until I get the hang of it. I will say that I was a little rusty applying it as it was I had never done it before so I’m hoping with practice, I will become better at the application. The smell directly from the bottle is lovely and they even have a candle to match the scent. Within the first few hours, I did notice a strong scent that I was a little unsure about. However as the evening went on, the tan really began to settle and the smell went away.



I do want to say that I was wearing gladiator sandals before putting it on, hence the marks on my feet. That’s not the tan leaving streaks and I can tell you that as I’m writing this days later, my feet have no marks on them and the tan is nicely blended. You can really see the difference between my natural colour and the tan. I took this picture minutes after applying it so it does look a little dark. Now, it is a little more settled and looks really natural. I think it’s hilarious how white I look in this picture! Haha… I would have an olive skin tone but against the tan I look like a ghost.

When it came to applying the tan in the joint areas, hands and feet, I didn’t add any new tan. I just used whatever access tan was on the mitt and blended it onto my hands, feet and joints. I had also previously put some moisturiser on my elbows and knees just so the tan doesn’t settle on any particular areas.


I’ve had the tan on for one week now and I am so pleased with it. I wanted to give my 100% honest opinion when it came to my first ever tanning experience. I’m just so happy that it all went well. The colour is gorgeous and natural, the smell is devine and the wear off process is so subtle and not one bit patchy. Also, another point worth mentioning is the fact that it is water resistant which is great news for those of you who tan whilst on holiday. What I love most is how it is manufactured in Ireland, I always love supporting local brands.

Thank you to Linda and Lisa for making my first ever experience enjoyable. The tan launches August 1st, feel free to check out the Bellamianta website for more details.


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