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As a beauty blogger I have built up quite a large make up collection over the years (always a good excuse for over spending) in particular, highlighters. My addiction for highlighters is pretty intense, they’re probably the first product I check out when shopping online or in store. The strobing effect (a fancy word for highlight) has been in full swing over the past few months. Today I want to share my top five favourites with all of you, it was a hard decision trying to narrow it down to just five. I definitely prefer a more rose gold, pink shade highlighter with warm undertones. I try to branch out but I just find these shades work best with my skin tone.


Hourglass: The mother of all lighting palettes, this little trio has changed my life. I absolutely love Hourglass and I was so excited when I purchased this at Sephora when I was in Boston. Not only is it perfect for travelling but it sets, highlights and bronzes my face without caking. I know it’s a little pricey for some but I personally think that it is well worth the investment. It’s hard to hit pan with these as you can see from the photo. It will last you for years therefore you will never waste money on something expensive that runs out fast.

The Balm: I think this Mary Lou Manizer highlighter was one of my first back in the day. I bought it from Feel Unique but I think you can now buy this brand in selected Debenhams. If you’re looking for a striking highlight with intense pigmentation then this is the one for you. It’s more of a vanilla shade that can be great for most skin tones however if you have a tan I find that this can look too white on the skin. I use this when I’m going for that all out strobe effect and want to add a serious glow to my look. It’s different from my other ones but I just love how buttery it is. It’s also great for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone.

M.A.C: Every girl on the planet is bound to have a highlighter from these make up giants in their collection. I would classify M.A.C as more of a high street brand so it is perfect for those of you who are just starting out and building up their collection. Titled Soft & Gentle it really is a naturally glowing product. This is the highlight that I wear on a daily basis as it is incredibly universal and long lasting. I apply it to my cheekbones, cupids bow, chin and brow bone for a subtle yet pretty glow.

Kevyn Aucoin: Definitely more of a splurge purchase, this delicate and dreamy product is one for the books. It is a high end brand therefore it comes with an expensive price tag. I save this beauty for special occasions after seeing it on Jaclyn Hill’s channel. It blends like an absolute dream and is perfectly pocket size. I have seen a lot of UK bloggers loving the Candlelight shade but I just prefer this pink toned product. Again it has a strong pigmentation and less is definitely more with this highlighter, I just apply this one to my cheekbones.

Laura Mercier: This next shade goes to a new level with this fabulous highligher. I love all things rose gold so it’s only natural that I invested in some make up. It is a work of art and definitely one for the collection. I think it might have been a limited edition, I’m not entirely sure but it was my go to product during the summer months. The detailing on the product is magnificent and makes it all the more appealing. Again as this is heavily pigmented, I only put this along the tops of my cheekbones and a tiny amount on my browbone.

The brands I love are mainly high end but that’s just a personal preference. I haven’t really came across any drugstore highlighters that are greatly pigmented or have long lasting power. However I am definitely open for suggestions so please feel free to leave me a comment below or on my Instagram.

Hope you all have a fab weekend! See you in my next post.


3 thoughts on “Top 5 || Highlighters

  1. Oh the hourglass palette. I have been staring at it online for a while, but am waiting for the new limited edition palette they will be releasing soon ūüôā

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