High End Make Up Favourites

As much as I’m a lover of a bargain and high street purchases, every so often I love indulging in some high end treats. I always feel better when I treat myself to make up, it’s also part of the beauty blogging business investing in some products. (That’s my excuse!)


On a more serious note, I’ve quite sensitive skin so I do like spending a little more if it is a better match for me and doesn’t leave my skin in pieces. It took me so long to find a foundation that has good coverage, long lasting and doesn’t break my skin out so I’m more than happy to invest rather than save on money.

Charlotte Tilbury:

I first purchased some of her products last year when I was down in Dublin. The only place in Ireland you can buy Charlotte Tilbury is in Brown Thomas. It was one of her lipsticks in the shade, Bond Girl and it is such a beautiful product. It’s incredibly creamy and the colour is absolutely perfect for the Autumn season. I’ve also added a few more of her products to my collection such as the Film Star Bronze & Glow palette, Swish & Pop blush in the shade, Ecstasy, another lipstick called Coachella Coral, Lip Cheat pencil in Pink Venus and my favourite eyeshadow quartz in The Vintage Vamp. I would highly recommend this palette as it is so pigmented and the colours are just beautiful.




Such a classic brand, I have always been a massive fan of Hourglass. It was when I was in Boston last year that I started becoming obsessed with their products. I spent time testing out them out and I had heard so many amazing reports from various beauty bloggers beforehand. I purchased one of their iconic Fenme Nude lip stylo in Nude N°6, the much sought after ambient lighting palette and until recently their new ambient luminous bronzer. It definitely is a more high end brand as their products can be quite pricey but the quality of them are so worth it and the packaging alone is to die for.




The mother of all high end brands, YSL has become a strong favourite within the beauty industry. It took me a while to get round to checking out their products, don’t really know why. Of course, the first product that always come to mind are their magnificent lipsticks. I think I actually purchased my first one for the packaging alone. They are sooo unbelievably beautiful and rich looking. Each shade is represented around the lipstick tube which I love as it makes it easy to find. I’ve updated my collection over the past few months and I also purchased their new sun kissed blur perfector in number three.



One of the newest purchases I’ve made and I’ve yet to properly invest in more products. The skin pressed perfectors are definitely their most well known and popular products. Moonstone and Opal have been their most sought after shades when it comes to highlighting, however a few months ago, Becca collaborated with You Tube sensation, Jaclyn Hill and created, Champagne Pop. It is a beautiful and highly pigmented peach/rose gold shade that I absolutely adore. I had a family member get it for me in New York as it has yet to launch here in Ireland. I know I’ve only one Becca product but I just couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you as it is just a fabulous highlighter. I’m dying to try their radiance primers and other highlighters, new purchases in the near future.



A cult classic and iconic brand, Chanel have made a household name for themselves within the beauty industry. Their products are timeless and elegant, much more of a matured brand in my opinion. They do have some bold shades but their make up is for a woman who knows what she likes and who often has a signature look. I always think of Olivia Palermo when it comes to this Chanel beauty as she is such a chic person with signature styles. She always wears a deep red manicure and simplistic look, she is everything a Chanel woman represents. It all started with a blusher (no.82 – Reflex) for me and trickled on down to investing in their Le Blanc primer, Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzer and a beautiful plum shadow in the shade, Diapason.


I know the make up I’ve shared today is all very high end but it’s just something I like to save my money for and indulge in. We all have our weak spots and these iconic brands are definitely mine. If any of you lovely ladies have any recommendations please feel free to leave a comment below.


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