You Tube Favourites

For the past year now I have been obsessed with watching fashion and beauty videos on You Tube. I one day would love to start up my own channel and hopefully have a more interactive connection with my readers. Until then, I will live this goal vicariously through my favourite ladies.

These talented and entertaining girls have made such a strong name for themselves across the web. They have created their own make up lines with various make up brands, travelled the world with other bloggers and turned what they do into an amazing career.

Jaclyn Hill:

Probably one of the most successful You Tube channels, Jaclyn has over two million subscribers tuning in each week. Her outrageous and vibrant personality isn’t for everyone but I find her massively entertaining. She is an incredible make up artist who lives in Florida, and she can create pretty much any look. She loves a strong smoky eye and can pose in front of a camera like it’s no ones business. Jaclyn also collaborated with Becca Cosmetics to created a stunning highlighter called, Champagne Pop. You can read my post on it here.



In The Frow:

UK blogger, Victoria has really came into the limelight for her blog and You Tube channel within the past two years. She is a lover of tattoos, colourful hair and designer brands. Until recently she had purple ombre hair but she has opted for a more muted grey for Autumn. Her style also features on her channel and she creates look books along with haul videos.



Beauty Life Michelle:

This Irish beauty has been busy living it up at NYFW last week as she was giving the opportunity to attend some shows curiosity of Tresemme. Her channel is growing stronger every day and her make up looks are so pretty. I could spend hours just watching her create different looks. The Aussie based beauty is definitely one of my favourites and I actually think she was the first ever You Tube channel I started watching.



Vivianna Does Make Up:

A classic English girl, Anna is that girl next door. She comes across as a bit of a good girl with a very natural look. She is best friends with Lily Pebbles and the two often collaborate together on their channels and more recently have held some workshops at Space NK. She features a mixture of drugstore and high end products on her channel and creates very soft and sweet looks.



Kathleen Lights:

This quirky Latino from Miami is one of the funniest girls around who actually has no idea just how hilarious she is. Her story is quite inspirational, she is 23 years old and is married to a military man so she lives on base. She has such beautiful porcelain skin and she enjoys the drugstore products overall so she is perfect for those of you who like to shop on a budget. I was lucky enough to get my hands on her quartz shadow palette that she created with Colour Pop Cosmetics. It is so beautifully pigmented and I can’t wait to use it this season.



Within the next year I really want to get into the swing of starting up my own channel. It’s definitely on my bucket list but I’m just not sure how the Belfast accent will sound on camera. Haha!


2 thoughts on “You Tube Favourites

  1. Haha! We don’t have the most flattering accent but hey everyone thinks Jamie Dornan is sexy so if he can do it so can you! lol ps LOVE Jaclyn Hill will have to check out a few of the other girls you mentioned i didn’t know. thanks x
    Pretty Polished

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