Destination Skin

Over the past year my skin has became incredibly sensitive. With this, I jumped at the chance to visit Destination Skin based in the House of Fraser, Belfast. I wanted to ask the beauty experts some questions regarding specific ingredients that I should be using, reasons behind my skin sensitivity, certain areas of my skin and what brands they would recommend.


For a while now, I have suffered from Malia around my cheekbones and more recently I’ve developed Keratosis Pilaris lumps under my eyes. When I first went in the lovely, Suzanne explained to me the process she would be taking, what treatments I would be receiving and what products/ingredients she would recommend.

I was very lucky to receive two luxurious skin treatments, a Vitamin C peel and a little Microdermabrasion clean up. After a quick cleanse of the skin, Suzanne started the Vitamin C peel that was honestly such a strong and deep clean. It worked through a few layers of my skin and I have to say, the burning sensation (which is completely normal) was a testament. After the peel, it was time for the Microdermabrasion treatment that is basically a non-invasive procedure that uses exfoliating material like crystals or diamond flakes and a machine based suction to gently lift up the skin during exfoliation. This was like a vacuum on my skin and sucked up every inch of dead skin, it was a little uncomfortable at first but it soon settled. I think it just takes a little getting use to. 


Once both procedures were complete, Suzanne talked my through any areas of my skin that I should concentrate on and therefore which ingredients/products I should use. It was advised that I base my skincare routine around Hydrochloric Acid as my skin was a little dehydrated. Any gel/foam based products were recommended along with Salicylic Acid for my sensitive skin. It was explained to me that because I had been using thick heavy cream that were very rich, my skin couldn’t deal with it so it was reacting and causing breakouts and Malia. Since the treatments, I have switched up my skincare and based my products around the key ingredients and I genuinely have noticed an improvement which I’m delighted about.

A few week’s ago, I was invited back down this time to view the new Young Blood Cosmetics and their latest mineral collection at Destination Skin. With a variety of foundations, mineral powders, concealers and primers, each product is made with delicate ingredients that are skin friendly and suited to each skin type. The mineral setting powder is a personal favourite of mine as it is formulated from rich starch, corn starch and minerals and there is no talc in it (unlike other setting powders).

I was matched up for the foundation and when wearing it I couldn’t help but notice how natural it was. During my consultation, I did have a lovely little break out that had been playing havoc with my skin prior, so I wanted to see how the foundation worked against sensitive skin. It was definitely like wearing a second skin with a soft matte finish. It was a light to medium coverage finish that in my opinion was buildable to suit your personal preference. I still needed concealer to target my under eye area and any imperfections. One thing I will say is that I feel like this foundation is best suited for normal to dry skin types as it moved around on my oily skin quite a bit even after I set it with powder. I’ll continue to test it out to see if it settles as the feel of the foundation is lovely, I genuinely don’t feel like I’m wearing any make up which I love. It is still early days so I’ll be sure to keep all of you updated on my thoughts of it over on my Instagram in a few week’s.

Thank you to Jennie and Suzanne for inviting me down and taking such good care of me.


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