Make Up Bag MUST Haves

I don’t know about any of you but my make up bag, drawers and vanity are over flowing with beauty products. My make up bag is especially packed to the brim with various products however I went on a bit of a cleaning spree and edited it down quite a lot. Some of you may find this to be too much but they are essentials that I believe you should have in your beauty bag. Not the exact ones, just work with what you like and can afford.

On an everyday basis, my make up would be quite minimal with the expection of a winged eyeliner if I’m feeling bold. These items are an absolute must have for me, I’m not the kind of girl who can stick on some concealer and go. It’s either a completely make free day for me or all out with my favourites. I always make sure I have enough in my bag so if I need to go somewhere in a moments notice I can. As I have oily skin, you will always see me reaching for a small touch up.

My make up essentials are:

1. Brushes: I strongly believe in using these tools to apply my make up for better application and hygiene reasons (unless I’m packing on pigment eyeshadow, then I might use my index finger). I know some people apply with their hands and that’s fine for them but it’s just a personal preference for me. Last week I invested in more Real Techniques brushes from their bold metals collection. I’ve only been using them for a few days but already I’m obsessed. They’re incredibly soft and great quality, I use these as multi purpose brushes when I’m on the go. The large powder works as a face, cheek and contour brush. The small precise one works well when I’m applying my foundation and setting powder, great for getting in those awkward areas.

2. Foundation: Without a doubt my cult essential. I always have foundation on unless I’m going 100% make up free. I’ve recently switched to L’Oréal and their infallible matte foundation (I’ve been using it for a month now). It has pretty good coverage, medium to full I’d say and is beautifully matte. When applied it leaves a pretty satin feel and it’s long lasting. I opted for my natural shade (I usually go for a little more of a glow) and I’m loving the natural finish. To warm up my face and give it more a sculpted finish, I wear my next product.

3. Concealer Corrector: I have quite dark circles so a colour corrector is a must for me. For some reason I have only started to take notice with this product in the past year. I haven’t included concealer as I find this and my foundation is enough for me, the peach shade cancels out the purple and blue tones. The Pixi brand has been taking the beauty industry by storm and I’m a huge fan, a must have for those of you like me who suffer from dark circles.

4. Bronzer/Highlighter: Another relatively new buy regarding bronzer (I updated my make up collection a little while ago) and I’m really enjoying it. It’s from MAC and their mineralize skinfinish collection. It’s in the shade medium deep and it is an absolute dream to blend. It’s not as dark as it looks, definitely nice and natural in my opinion. The highlighter is in the shade Soft & Gentle and a cult classic. I wear highlighter everyday without a doubt and it’s something I could never live without.

5. Brows: I feel absolutely naked and I would honestly freak out if I ever forgot my eyebrow pencil. Anastasia Beverly Hills is the only product I use regarding my eyebrows. I have such small and patchy brows from years of over plucking, so filling them in is crutical for me. This pencil is worth every penny and the spooly on the end is perfect for lining and grooming on the go. Nothing more to say except BUY IT if you’re on the hunt for something new.

6. Mascara: My first beauty product I ever purchased, I share great memories with this one. Just over a year ago I was invited along to Benefit Cosmetics for the launch of their Roller Lash mascara. Since then I have never looked back, it curls your lashes like no ones business and for me, it doesn’t smudge.

7. Lips: An expensive brand I’m sharing but worth it for me. I have been in love with By Terry’s balm in the shade Baume De Rose for a few years now. Lip care in general is so important for me, so if you find a brand that you love and looks after your lips then just make sure to treat them on a daily basis.

Obviously a make up bag is CRUCIAL as you don’t want to damage anything. Also no one wants to see your products roaming around the bottom of your bag! Mine is from a local brand, Story Horse and it’s their Walk With Me bag. How adorable is it?!

If any of you lovelies have a cult product of your own that I haven’t mentioned please feel free to leave me a comment below!


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