Asarii Green Tea Mud Mask

It’s very few and far between that I’ll treat my skin to some hardcore TLC. I look after it with a day and nighttime routine but it doesn’t combat my problem areas completely. Enter the mud mask.

For the past two months I’ve been trying to incorporate a pamper day into my week, it’s usually on a Sunday. I give my skin a good cleanse and clean to get rid of any congestion as the texture of it can be a concern. My texture and sensitivity differs on a regular basis, it depends on my hormones, products I’ve used and if I’m feeling stressed. I drink green tea everyday to try and put some good ingredients into my body and that includes my skin. I’ve always heard that it works wonders for skin and now I’ve amped it up a notch with an Asarii Green Tea Mud Mask.


  • Made in the UK and is vegan friendly.
  • Natural Green tea is used in the mask, sounds obvious but some brands use a supplements which can do your skin more harm.
  • There’s also Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Stearic Acid to help keep the mask thick.
  • Mini exfoliant beads in mask which helps soften and smooth skin when washing off.
  • Good for all skin types, even those with sensitive skin.
  • Nice thick consistency, easy to use.


  • Takes longer than 15 minutes (recommended time) to set.
  • Shake well before use or a brown liquid will form.
  • Not a massive improvement, skin was only a little smoother. (If I use it more regularly maybe that could change).

Overall, I enjoy using this product even with the con’s. I think if I use it more my skin’s texture and blemishes will improve over time. In my opinion it’s a nice and natural product to use on those pamper days. For those of you who suffer from texture and blemish concerns then consider investing in this mask.


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