Christmas Continental Markets, Belfast

It’s only December 4th and already I’ve been to the Christmas Markets a douzen times. There is no better way to get into the festive spirit than a trip around City Hall shopping and sampling some delicious food. I always make sure to go it when it’s dark as it just looks so much prettier. The twinkling lights, hot drinks and mouthwatering waffles make the market my favourite place to spend my evenings. Each year City Hall seems to work with a colour scheme. I remember last year it was multi-coloured and this time around it is a cool blue and ice white duo.

Any time I go, I usually head straight for the sweets ‘n’ treats. I’m sure you’ve all came across my favourite white chocolate waffle on my social media. It has replaced the triple chocolate muffin and huge fudge chunks. I also dabble in the burgers and freshly made pizza’s, they are to die for! If food isn’t for you then there are plently of gorgeous hand made interior pieces just like the adorable framed piece. I’m such a sucker for quotes!

Happy Friday, lovelies! Hope you all have a great weekend, I’m sure some of you have your Christmas party going on. If you fancy a trip to the markets, don’t forget to wrap up warm!


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