Once Upon A Time…

PJ’s, bath products and perfume are always my most favourite things to buy. If I’m gifted with them for Christmas I get so excited and always look forward to having a pamper day. I was very kindly sent this Alien by Thierry Mugler luxury gift set and it immediately reminded me so much of a story book (hence the title). It is every inch luxurious and such a great gift for that special someone during the festive season.

For those of you who are new to the Thierry Mugler series and in particular Alien, the perfume comes alive in a faceted bottle (60ml) inspired by an amethyst and reminiscent of a precious jewel. The bottle is refillable and that’s what I find most attractive to it, a smart money saving tip. One thing I will say is that Alien has a strong scent to it. If you prefer light and sweet fragrances, then I wouldn’t suggest this perfume for you. The main ingredients used are Amber and Wood. Other floral notes include Sambac Jasmine, Cashmeran Wood and White Amber.

Also included in the set is a radiant shower gel and lotion (both 100ml). I always enjoy getting these as they are great for when I’m travelling. Without sounding too fussy, I prefer using my own shower gel and lotion when I’m staying overnight. Sometimes hotel products can dry out and irritate my skin. Plus the 100ml is the correct allowance for boarding planes. I’ve previously worn the summer edition of Alien so I can’t wait to indulge in the original scent and these beautiful lotions, a gorgeous treat just in time for Christmas!

I hope this post helps some of you when it comes to gift ideas. If your friend, family member or girlfriend is a perfume fanatic like myself, then I would definitely suggest treating them to this luxurious set.


3 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time…

  1. I adore this perfume, it’s my signature and everyone always comments on it. My partner has bought me two large bottles in the last three years and I’ve still got a whole bottle left. Its such a strong scent initially that I find mellows down beautifully. Love, love, love! (sorry left this on another post too, didn’t realise it was the wrong one!) x

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