UD Gwen Stefani VS. Tartelette In Bloom

With the large amount of You Tube channels I watch, over the past month or so there has been a massive amount of hype surrounding two eyeshadow palettes. The spotlight is coming from my American favourites especially due to the fact that the Tarte cosmetics brand is really only accessible in the States. However I have bought any products I own from QVC UK. They have a pretty big selection of Tarte products to choose from and the price point is good in my opinion. For a few months before Christmas, the spotlight was focusing on Gwen Stefani’s collaboration with cult makeup favourite, Urban Decay. The brand is notoriously known for their infamous Naked Palettes and now they have heated things up with a magnificent collaboration with an iconic artist such as Gwen.

In terms of design and packaging, the two are very different. I’m such a sucker for packaging and these two make my heart skip a beat. Starting with Gwen’s product, I am head over heels in love with the monochrome and antique gold design. It is such a bold statement yet somewhat simplistic and very representative of her rock ‘n’ roll personality. Even though Urban Decay is a relatively high street brand, the packaging looks so much more luxurious and more of a high end brand.

With the vibrant flower petals, Tarte’s new Tartelette palette is very much on the girly and feminine side. It’s definitely eye catching and a beautiful gift to receive. It’s pretty with beautifully pigmented shades of soft browns and rose gold tones. A great starter palette for those new to makeup.

When I was first swatching the shades on my hand I came to the realisation that from both palettes, I like pretty much the exact same shadows. A rose gold shimmer, a soft highlight and dark plum colours are what I live for when it comes to wearing eyeshadows. They are the colours I am immediately drawn to in a palette and then I’ll swatch the rest and make up my mind. From the Tarte palette my favourites are: Flower Child, Firecracker and Rebel. A mixture of matte and shimmer, they are great for a soft and sweet daytime look. Gwen’s palette in my opinion is much more of a nighttime product with some bold shades thrown in. It is not as pale as it looks in my photo, the shades are a little warmer. My go to colours from this palette are: Pop, Zone and Punk. It’s an absolutely beautiful warm burgundy shade that makes a great outer conner shadow. Both palettes carry extremely soft and buttery eyeshadows that are perfect to blend out and the pigmentation pay off is impressive.

I also wanted to share a birds eye view shot of the two palettes side by side. When it comes to practicality the Tartelette In Bloom would be best suited for those who travel. It’s much smaller in size and lightweight compared to the Urban Decay palette. You get a mixture of matte and shimmer shades with is great for creating a smoky eye on the go. I’m definitely in love with both palettes but I would keep the Gwen Stefani one for my vanity as I would be worried about it getting destroyed while travelling. Also, if I want to spend much more time creating a detailed and dramatic makeup look, the Gwen palette would be my go to product. On top of that, I see it as more of a show piece due to the breathtaking packaging, it is a decorative detail for my desk.

I would love to hear what your favourite palette is! Are you a Gwen fan or Tarte obsessed?! Feel free to leave a comment! Also, I’ll be uploading some swatches in the coming weeks on my Instagram, I just wanted to share the palettes for today. Happy Friday!


9 thoughts on “UD Gwen Stefani VS. Tartelette In Bloom

  1. That tarte palette is absolutely gorgeous! first time seeing it and i feel like i must have it! im a bit of a palette hoarder and i feel like i have to get my hands on that one!
    I’ve recently started up my own blog and would really appreciate a follow back/like if you would be willing? Thanks ūüôā x

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