Gwen Stefani Blush Palette & Lipstick

For Christmas I was beyond excited to open up a gift and see the highly anticipated eyeshadow palette by Gwen Stefani. Her collaboration with Urban Decay has been a huge hit within the beauty world. I recently featured her magnificent monochrome and gold pleated palette on my blog (you can read it here). It includes a variety of neutral matte and shimmer shades along with one or two pops of colour. I’ve been playing around with it and the pay off is delightful. Worth the hype in my opinion.

Today I’m sharing her latest product launches within her Urban Decay line. A beautiful new blush palette and lipstick collection are new members to my own UB×Gwen family. As you all know, I’m an absolute sucker for product packaging amd this palette is just as breathtaking. Following her eyeshadow design, it is the same shape, size and material with the exception of white polka dots and lining rather than black. However the boxes are reversed and pays tribute to the eyeshadow palette.

The lipstick design is equally as beautiful and matches the palette box. Clever detailing in my opinion especially if you’re a package obsessive like me. It’s smaller than I thought it would be and pretty lightweight. I actually much prefer this as it makes travelling with it a lot easier or even when I’m on nights out.

So far I feel that the blush palette pigmentation is pretty natural. It includes six shades: three blushes (Cherry, Easy & OC), two highlighters (Angel & Hush) and a bronzer (Lo-Fi). When swatching the blushes came off quite buttery with a soft finish. I’m sure you can build it for a more intense look but it would be great for everyday use or those of you who prefer a subtle blush.

Starting from the left, Angel is more of a vanilla based highlight. It seems like a pretty universal shade that would suit most skin types. Hustle is my personal favourite highlight, a rose gold tone that reminds me of Champagne Pop from Becca. I could definitely see me wearing this one on nights out. I’m not 100% sure about the bronzer, I’ll have to experiment with it more as I don’t know if it’s right for my skin tone. I’ll report back though as I want to see how it looks in greater detail.

The star of the show and my personal favourite, Rock Steady. This deep vampy red lipstick is what caught my eye. It is very Gwen and rock ‘n’ roll appropriate, a colour that I will get continual use out of. It’s not a matte finish but pretty moisturising on the lips. If you want to pro long its staying power simply add some translucent powder on top. When I swatched the lipstick it came off more of a raspberry shade, quite like Ruby Woo from MAC.

I can’t wait to add more of the lipstick shades and lip liners to my UB×Gwen collection. Next lippie on my list is Ex-Girlfriend, a beautiful nude shade.


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