MAC Vibe Tribe

I’m usually late to the party when it comes to the huge MAC launches. However, this time I *accidentally* stumbled upon the new vibrant Summer collection. Vibe Tribe is the appropriate festival esque line to grace the iconic makeup brand this season. With bold packaging (I’m such a sucker for attractive details) and shades, the collection is everything and more.

Focusing firstly on the packaging, the classic tribal prints combined with soft neutrals tones and a majestic turquoise, is pretty eye catching. The plastic compact is gorgeous but I can’t help but think they could have invested in a more sleek and durable material. Other than that tiny point, I’m in love. I restrained from over spending and opted for my two favourite products from the selection available.

I’m all about the golden bronzed life and this universal matte shade (Matte Bronze) is the ultimate product for summer. They have a variety of both shimmer and matte formula’s along with a mixture of light and dark shades. When it comes to my daily makeup routine, I absolutely have to include a bronzer into my collection. I lightly dust some of the product onto my forehead, temples, cheeks and chin to add a more 3D effect and create a natural shadow. I stupidly forgot to swatch this but if you follow my Instagram I’ll definitely upload a swatch shot or video.

The trend setting nude lip is still very much a huge part of the makeup industry. I decided to move out of my comfort zone and opt for this incredibly bold nude in the shade, Arrowhead. I adore creating an ombre effect on my lips and this lipstick would work perfectly as a spotlight shade.

Have any of you guys managed to snap up product’s from the new collection?! I’d love to know what your favourite was.


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