Updated YouTube Favourites

It’s been a while since I last shared my favourite beauty YouTuber’s (you can read my original post here). I thought it was about time I featured an updated collection of people who I enjoy watching. I will say that some of these lovelies do opt for a full on glamour look. Yes this may not be to everyone’s taste but I still find it interesting to watch how they create such a detailed look along with the skills and techniques they use. There are a variety of beauties from across the world that I’ve been obsessed with. With the goal of starting up my own YouTube channel some day, I only hope I can achieve as much as these inspirational ladies have.


Samantha Ravndahl:

Without a doubt the coolest girl on the planet. Samantha is an INCREDIBLE makeup artist. She is so down to earth and never lets people or her accomplishments change her. Her love for the artistry is a joy to watch, she is brutally honest and that’s what makes her a beauty. She is from Toronto and spends a lot of her life travelling the world. Her achievements are insane, she works so hard and the results pay off. Samantha actually reminds me of Pink, a real cool girl who stands up for what she believes in. She creates the most flawless makeup looks and has thee best body around! Just go check out her channel!

Jamie Genevieve:

Scottish YouTube powerhouse Jamie Genevieve has been making a huge impact on the Internet for a while now. Her bold and vibrant makeup looks have gained her an army of followers. She is currently travelling with her new BFF, Samantha Ravndahl who I just featured. They’re like sisters as they adore similar makeup styles, Disneyland (or Disnnee Lann as Jamie calls it) and tattoos. Her outrageous nailart is always a big feature on her social media, and yet she still manages to put on her false lashes!

Diana Saldana:

New York stunner Diana Saldana has become a firm favourite of mine. Her beauty would take your breath away, such a gorgeous girl with big brown eyes (very Princess Jasmine). When watching her videos, I’m always envious of her majestic makeup room. The ultimate girly girl, Diana creates a variety of glamorous and warm toned looks. Her love of nude lipsticks is just as big as her collection. She encounters similar skincare issues that I do so I always enjoy hearing her honest reviews on various products and brands.

Chloe Morello:

One of the funniest girls on YouTube, Chloe Morello has a sharp tongue and even sharper winged liner. The laid back Australian beauty is comedy goal and her creativity is golden. A very natural girl, Chloe is a gem to watch. Her piercing eyes and beautifully clear skin always leaves me in awe. Having teamed up with various beauty powerhouses such as YSL, NYX and La Pariere, Chloe is making a big name for herself. Her collection of YSL lipsticks reminds me to update my own!

Trina Durha:

The ultimate girl next door, Trina Durha is an American goddess with Indian ancestory. Always happy and smiling, I always feel good after catching up with her latest video. Her love of coffee and hilarious VLOGS with her partner, Andy are brilliant to watch. The Vancouver based beauty always has a great balance of beauty and lifestyle options. The city looks magnificent, definitely one I would like to visit. Her FLAWLESS skills and adorable personality make her a must watch. As a lover of warm toned looks, I always go to Trina’s channel for inspiration on a night out/event. I just adore how Trina can create bold and glamorous looks without it looking too cakey.

I know today’s post was a little different but I wanted to share some of my favourites with you. If any of you guys have any YouTuber’s you think I should check out, please let me know.


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