If you’re a long term subscriber to my blog then I’m sure you’re all familiar with my trips to County Kerry. I spent many years of my childhood in the South of Ireland and it’s without a doubt my happy place. I love the rush of memories I get of my family and I spending our summers in the sunshine, at the beach and exploring. It holds a very precious place in my heart and I still take regular trips down to see my family. Known also as The Kingdom, it truly is with the breathtaking views, iconic beaches and simplistic lifestyle. I never went on my first foreign holiday until I was eighteen (Ibiza probably wasn’t the most sensible of choices!) and that is a part of my life that I treasure. I love that my family were old school and kept the Irish tradition alive by taking us all down South every year, something I hope to continue when I have my own family.

Now that I have family living in this famous county I am extremely grateful and lucky to make this trip multiples times a year. Any stress or annoyance from the city and the real world disappears as soon as I set foot in the Kingdom. I find it to be incredibly therapeutic and I wanted to share my second home with all of you lovelies. I’m currently in Kerry at the minute but I wanted to feature images from my previous trip. The weather was amazing and I made the most of it by revisiting my favourite locations throughout the county. Killarney, Killorglin and Glenbeigh were top of my list and I spent my time walking on Rossbeigh beach, exploring the Killarney Lakes and brunching in Rumours in Glenbeigh (naturally).

I’m a firm lover of being by the water, it’s when I’m most relaxed. The trickling sound of waterfalls and waves crashing has an a peaceful effect on me. Therefore most of today’s shots including lakes and the Atlantic Ocean. Probably the most popular town to visit is Killarney, a lot of tourists especially Americans, flock to the vibrant attraction and take in the Irish culture, traditional music, iconic lakes and the odd pint of Guinness. Personally my favourite place in Killarney is down by Ross Castle, I always feel like I’m in the outback when I go for walks there.



If any of you ever have the opportunity to visit Ireland, I would highly recommend stopping in Kerry. You’ll not be disappointed with the Kingdom. P.s.. Does the adorable door not remind you of Game of Thrones?!. Reminds me of poor Hodor too.

Happy Friday and I hope you all have a fab weekend!


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