IT Cosmetics

It only took me a couple of years but I FINALLY own a few of the infamous IT Cosmetics products. I’ve been going back and forth for so long and last week I finally bit the bullet. I often see so many of my favourite Australian and American YouTuber’s swear by their makeup products, particularly the Bye Bye Under Eye Concealer. I wanted to show you what I got… I’ll be featuring a more indepth look and swatches of them in a few week’s. I’ve a couple more products ordered (hence the wait for swatches) but I just couldn’t resist sharing my first ever purchase with all of you today.

“Innovative Technology is IT. Developed with leading plastic surgeons, IT Beauty® creates clinically proven, innovative problem-solving makeup and skin care products that harness cutting edge, anti-aging technologies and high performance, skin-loving ingredients to provide you with serious beauty solutions that help you look and feel your most beautiful!” – IT Cosmetics.

I first came across the Australian brand when fellow Irish blogger Michelle Crossan from Beauty Life Michelle featured some of the makeup on her YouTube channel. Since then I have seen it featured across many high profiled YouTuber’s such as Chloe Morello, Kathleen Lights and Nikkie Tutorials. Unfortunately if you order directly from the IT Cosmetics site, they’re unable to ship to Ireland and the UK. When I found out that Beautylish and QVC stocked the brand, I went a little makeup crazy!


It has taken me pretty much ten years to find a decent concealer that actually COVERS dark circles (a.k.a heavy duty goodness) and this power product is absolutely majestic. After doing a little research, I opted for the concealer in the shade Medium, it’s the perfect tone for my under eye area. This cult beauty favourite is without a doubt FULL COVERAGE and for the first time I look refreshed with a pretty highlighted finish. I ordered all of these products from QVC for incredible prices (compared to the IT site). With the face disk and concealer I received a huge jumbo face powder brush (another cult classic) and double ended concealer duo. I’ve always heard beauty gurus rave about how soft the powder brush is but I couldn’t believe just how silky soft it is. (Hello baby’s bum!)

With summer fast approaching we all become obsessed with that sunkissed look. Feeling bronzed with a hint of blush and a handful of highlighter is an essential look during the brighter months. It was Chloe Morello that first introduced me to the face disk on her channel and I’ve been intrigued ever since. The size of the mirror in the compact is EPIC, perfect for travelling with in my opinion. I can’t wait to start experimenting with it asap!



I know today’s post was short and sweet but I hope you still like my mini haul. I’ll definitely keep all of you updated when my other order arrives. Prepare for an almighty swatch extraganza!


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