Zoeva Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol. 3

There’s nothing more majestic than receiving that ‘order shipped’ email. If I’m in work or out I literally bound my family to the house so that I don’t miss the package! Sounds pretty selfish I know but when I see that “sorry we missed you” card I could cry my eyes out. Anyway, on Monday I was ecstatic to come home from work to see my Beauty Bay order waiting for me. I finally got round to ordering the magnificent Rose Golden Luxury Set Vol. 3 from the iconic makeup brush brand, Zoeva.

A while back Zoeva updated their famous rose gold range and launched a truly chic collection of eight new face and eye brushes. The entire handle is a metal material coated in a strong rose gold design. As you’re all aware, I’m the biggest addict when it comes to rose gold, I just love the look of it. Therefore, it was only natural that I started to incorporate it into my makeup brush collection. The luxurious set is limited edition so if you would like to treat yourself then I would suggest going online asap. With some of the Zoeva collections you can pay a little extra for one of their beautiful faux leather clutch bags. The design of the charcoal bag is incorporated into the collection with simple rose gold detailing. What I love most about them is how incredible they are for travelling with.

I’ve listed the details of each brush below. I thought it would be best to use the description information from the Zoeva site as it’s straight to the point (I’m the worst for babbling). I’ve seen so many YouTuber’s use these such as; Nikkie Tutorials, Jamie Genevieve and Sabrina from Love, Laugh and Makeup. Every time I would watch their videos, I became more and more obsessed with the brushes. I already have some of the individual brushes along with the Vol.2 shadow essentials. Thankfully, this latest range has brand new brushes in it that I have yet to have in my collection. As always they are all cruelty free (yayyyy!) with super soft synthetic hair.

Collection Contains:

  • 103 Defined Buffer – Adds definition and structure to the complexion effortlessly.
  • 109V Face Paint Vegan – Works tirelessly to provide flawless coverage to the complexion using powder, cream and liquid-based foundation.
  • 114 Luxe Face Focus – A luxurious makeup tool for flawless highlighting techniques.
  • 129 Luxe Fan – A high performance powder brush which helps to erase product fall out and apply a light coverage of powder makeup.

  • 142 Concealer Buffer – Expertly distributes the desired product onto the complexion to disguise and hide any imperfections and blemishes.
  • 228 Luxe Crease – A multi-tasking eye shadow brush which blends and shades eye makeup in the crease of the eye.
  • 234 Luxe Smoky Shader – The ultimate eye shadow brush for creating professional smoky effects.
  • 317 Wing Liner – A broad, angled eyeliner brush which is perfect for creating professional winged eyeliner looks.

I’m always on the hunt for new brushes and brands. If any of you have any suggestions please feel free to leave a comment. In the coming week or two, I’m going to be sharing a very personal post that will hopefully let you get to know me better, so be sure to keep an eye on the blog.


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