Hearts of Pandora 

I can still remember the first encounter I had with luxury jewellery brand, Pandora. We were just coming into the Summer month’s when I was invited to brunch for a private viewing of their Rose Gold collection. Fast forward two years and I’m still head over heals in love with the pieces now as I was then. My Pandora collection is growing by the day and I’m excited to welcome this majestic ‘Hearts of Pandora’ necklace to the family. I have a love for hollow circle jewellery and this little beauty is one of a kind. It features a detailed print of the Pandora logo on the back which can be worn as a second option. I often wear it as a stand alone piece or mix it with various necklaces that I have. For today I decided to keep all jewellery dedicated to Pandora in order to share the entire collection with all of you.

The hand finished design of the necklace is breathtaking with an array of hearts around the edge of the pendent. Finished is a pretty blush hue, it compliments the shimmering stones perfectly. For today’s post I adjusted the length to make it a little longer however I absolutely adore wearing it as a choker style for more of a unique look. I paired it with my statement rose gold rings and long line feather necklace from previous Pandora collections (catch up with the original collection here). When it comes to rings I love bold and quirky styles like my incredible Entwine piece. It has a beautiful design of rose gold hues combined with Cubic Zirconia stones all wrapped around in a layered look. The festival inspired feather ring has been a popular choice amongst us bloggers, it’s a bold piece yet has a simplistic feel to it. It was when I got this ring that my love for Pandora reached a new level. I always wear these for pretty much every occasion as they help add a touch of sparkle to any look. If I’m opting for a more formal look then I’ll wear the rings individually on their own or I’ll combine them for a fun statement style.

Shop the look: Jacket: Next || Top: Similar || Trousers: Next || Shoes: Converse || Rings: Pandora Rose || Necklaces: Pandora.

I’m sure you’ll see more of the rose gold pieces from this timeless brand on my blog. My love for the gorgeous blush metal will never leave me. Thank you to Pandora for gifting me with the jewellery, be sure to follow me on Instagram to see how I style the necklaces and rings on a regular basis. Hope you all have a great weekend, hopefully the weather here in Ireland clears up!



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