A moment I wish I could go back to. Three years ago I was in a breathtaking Spanish town for my brother’s wedding. It was my first time visiting Nerja and I spent two glorious week’s drinking a large amount of alcohol, jet skiing (I thought a flat fish was a sharks fin) and exploring the gorgeous little town. The entire family were there and we celebrated the wedding in style. It was honestly one of the best trips and I would love to rewind time and go back to that moment. 

Going swimming at 7am in my dress (Sorry Una!) and a bottle of champagne in my hand was one from the bucket list (the hangover and migraine after definitely wasn’t). The quaint town is one to visit, it’s Spanish culture runs throughout and the atmosphere is incredible. There are fabulous bars and restaurants available all while remaining family/child friendly. It was the perfect mixture of indulging in a good old session (we found a few Irish pubs) and taking it easy. I managed to fit in some shopping (as you do) and spent most of my time jumping off the rocks and eating Tapas food. There was one place I loved in particular, for every cocktail ordered free tapas was provided. It seemed like a good idea at the time, those Spaniards know how to trick me! Needless to say I spent a lot of time in that bar/restaurant… the cocktails were legendary!

For the wedding I wore a MAGNIFICENT dress by local designer, Una Rodden. Una is such a talented designer and I worshipped the piece she made for me. Every few week’s, Una jetsets to Paris to source fabric. The quality of the silk was breathtaking, the dress is without a doubt my favourite look of all time. It was a royal purple silk style that had no structure to it, leaving the fabric to fall delicately over my body. It had a beautiful sense of freedom to it as it had a lot of movement. It was such a comfortable piece to wear especially in that Mediterranean heat. 

I wore it slightly off my shoulder as I was working hard on my tan. Una kindly gifted me with this extravagant statement necklace. It was the perfect accessory that added a dramatic touch to my dress. I didn’t wear any other piece of jewellery as it would have over complicated my look. I’m not a huge fan of heels when I’m on holiday, so I opted for a gorgeous pair of gold embellished sandals to keep my look simple and chic. 

If I could go back in time to this particular holiday, I would do it in a heartbeat. Do any of you have any special memories/moments that you would love to revisit? I’d love to hear your stories. Have a fab weekend. 


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