Spanish Photo Diary

Having spent a glorious week in Spain, I wanted to share my photo diary of my adventures. I had an incredible time exploring and spending some quality time with my family. If I had my own way I would spend the entire Summer there but unfortunately we all have to get back to reality. Last week I featured a few OOTD posts on the blog and today I’m excited to share my love of Spain and photography. I had been looking forward to my much needed holiday and it was honestly amazing to get away and relax. It has been four years since I was last in Murcia and getting back to the beach and culture was delightful. The weather was MAGNIFICENT and I made the most of the heat and glorious sunshine. Waking up in the morning and heading out to the patio for crossiants and coffee was a great way to start my day.


A quiet yet luxurious part of Murcia, this is where I stayed every time I visit. The apartments and villa’s throughout are so pretty and have a great Spanish feel to them. They’re all built within the Golf and Beach Resort of Roda and it’s a lovely quiet place with a lot of privacy. Naturally I spent most of my mornings by the pool and lounged around there for a couple of hours. Of course I brought the odd glass of Margarita with me for good measure (it is important to stay hydrated). The temperature was insane and I can honestly say it was such a relaxing holiday.. exactly what I needed. My little nephew was with us so I often went up to the house with him and chilled as it was too hot for a baby to be outside. Once it cooled down a little we got ready in the evening we either dined locally or headed toba different town for some dinner and drinks. You know yourself that when you’re on holiday you tend to indulge a lot more in rich food and tropical drinks. Every morning I lived for my croissants or chocolate pancakes that we got at the golf club. Now, I did struggle a little with food as I can be quite a fussy eater. I mainly stuck to bread and seafood as I knew it was a safe bet. The prawn cocktails were to die for as it was all so fresh, I definitely ordered several of them.


This is without a doubt my favourite town within the Murcia region. The scenery, culture and architecture is breathtaking. It has an adorable beach/cove that is pebble based and filled with glorious fish and fab yachts further out. The surroundings of the cove are incredible as Cartagena was once a naval base and you can still see the old look out points around the hills. We often walked up the mountain in the evening to watch the sunset. It is honestly my favourite town, I just felt like I was in heaven and the views were out of this world.. I mean look at it!

Once the sunset we ventured into the main part of the town and it truly came to life. I became slightly obsessed with their City Hall. It was lit up beautifully against the backdrop of the palm trees and dark skies. I could spend days just pottering around as it never gets old.

Murcia City:

The ultimate place for shopping if you’re around this area. With TWO Sephora’s on hand you can guarantee that I spent a lot of time stocking up on new products and brands that are not available in Ireland. It was one of the reasons we took the trip to the city as I would have been devastated if I didn’t visit the mothership. We had quite the adventure getting to Sephora (3rd times a charm!) but it’s safe to say I left a very happy customer. The heat throughout was 32°c during the evening which was a little unbearable at times. There wasn’t much of a breeze so I definitely felt under pressure to stay cool. I was exhausted after walking around and we road tripped it back to Roda with my huge Sephora haul in hand. 

Naturally I was sad to leave but I suppose we all have to get back to reality at some stage. The majestic sunset made my flight home that little bit sweeter (the severe turbulence did not!). Hope you all enjoyed my series of features from Spain, now it’s time to plan my next adventure!


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