KIKO Store Launch, Belfast

Recently I was invited to attend the official opening of the amazing new KIKO store in Belfast City Centre. A breakfast/press launch was beautifully put together for a variety of media influencers throughout Belfast. I brought along a good friend of mine and it’s safe to say that we definitely indulged in a crazy makeup shopping spree! I have been a huge fan of the Italian brand for many years now and just a few week’s ago I was shopping up a storm in their Spanish stores. A few of the products that I wanted in Spain were out of stock but they finally became mine at the Belfast launch. The high pigmentation, impressive quality and eye catching price has left quite the impact on us all. 

When we arrived at the launch we were greeted by a variety of the lovely KIKO staff and PR professionals who talked us through the brand. Before they filled us in on the latest collections, I quietly stuffed my face with the most buttery crossiants. After our welcome chat, we were let loose throughout the store to choose our favourite products. My hand became a little over whelmed with all of the swatching going on but I had an absolute ball, I was like a kid in a very pigmented sweet shop! I first popped my KIKO cherry when I was in Berlin at Christmas. I bought a few of their gorgeous eyeshadows (two singles and a quad) along with a delicious nude matte lipstick and a yet another liquid lipstick. It was from that moment on that my love for the brand grew and therefore so did my collection.

For a few week’s before the launch I had been seeing their new Hydra Pro Glow illuminator. I had been in two minds about it but after sampling it on the back in my hand I immediately picked one up. It has hydrochloric acid in it which is great for adding extra moisturiser into my skin – especially with Winter fast approaching. The glow from the product is insane, I’ve been wearing it everyday since the launch and I adore how it feels on my skin. I have oily to combination skin so I was a little apprehensive about it but once I applied it as my primer it became a whole different ball game. Firstly it feels unbelievable on my skin particularly when first applied in the morning (it’s super refreshing feeling). A lightweight formula with an ultra glowy finish makes it my go to primer!

I first watched Kathleenlights use the brand two years ago. I had always heard about it but never invested in it. She particularly loved the water eyeshadows and it’s safe to say that they do not disappoint. I wanted to try something new so I opted for a stunning turquoise/teal shade and a majestic true gold that is a dupe for MAC’s Whisper of Guilt highlight. I’ve swatched them dry for you just to show the intensity of the shades. Once you add a tiny amount of water or fix + they take on a whole new level. I use the gold throughout my face as it’s the perfect highlighter for my cheeks and cupids bow. It’s always a hard shadow to get your hands on so it you see it in stock I would definitely pick it up!

I also managed to pick up a beautiful lipstick and pencil for Autumn. I had my eye on this lipstick shade for a while but it was always sold out. When it was finally back in stock I happily welcomed it to the family. It’s a incredible brown nude with a slight pink undertone to it. With a stunning velvet finish it’s a rich creamy texture and the perfect everyday nude lipsticks. 

If you haven’t had the chance to pay a visit to the new store then I would highly recommend doing so. You won’t be disappointed!!! Thank you to everyone at KIKO for inviting us along, spoiling us rotten and putting together a brilliant event.


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