Don’t worry – I haven’t disappeared!

Over the past 18 months I have found it challenging to maintain my weekly blog posts, get in front of the camera and all round make the effort. I could tell you a million reasons why I haven’t but I’m finally in an amazing place and ready to take responsibility. Personally, I don’t see the point in blogging if I’m not able to truly enjoy it so I’ve taken time to get myself together. You all know my previous history and now I’m 100% on the mend (I’ve made a few lifestyle changes i.e; healthy eating & working out) and now I’m so EXCITED for what the future holds!! After my upcoming Summer adventures (you can read them here) I’ve some serious decisions to make – like whether or not I want to stay here in Ireland or move and start a new life abroad.

I’m hoping that once I move somewhere new for a while, I will start up my YouTube channel etc. I want to do so much (I have my list) although here and now just isn’t the time or place to do so. I’ve a lot of plans going on behind the scenes so it’s basically just a waiting game. Within the next few months I can start making shapes after certain things have been confirmed. It was just so important for me look after myself both mentally and physically before getting back to business. I’ve also a few changes I’d like to make to my blog (content wise) so I want to do a lot of research and planning before moving forward. 

In the meantime you can still find me and follow my adventures over on my Instagram. Hope you’ve all been keeping really well and are enjoying a much needed over indulgence of chocolate, chocolate and more chocolate. Thanks for being so understanding and supportive of me throughout the years – you’re the best!!!


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