Best of USA Bucket List: East Coast 

Now that I’m easing myself back into this whole blogging business I wanted to create new content. Travel is going to be a huge part of my life this year and hopefully many more to come. I’ve been to the states before but only NYC and Boston. Both are incredible cities in very different ways and this Summer I’m spending a few week’s exploring the rest of America. By rest I don’t mean every single state but a fair amount in my opinion! It is an adventure of a lifetime (you can read up on my initial excitement here) and I’ve been busy researching various hotspots/bucket list places to visit.

As I’m going to be travelling so much across America I’ve decided to spilt this post into two parts – East Coast vs. West Coast. Beginning on the East side, I’ll be setting up camp in NYC to kick start my adventures. It’s my favourite city in the world and I’ve been to the Big Apple plenty of times before. However there are still key places I love to go back to. Not much of a bucket list for this city due to my previous trips but still worth sharing. Obviously I’m not going to share every single attraction (we’d be here forever) but a few places that I think you’ll all like. 

New York City: 

  • Lady Liberty: You can’t go to NYC and not by a visit to the main host who welcomes you in. The Staten Island ferry is free (absolute bonus) and a great way to see Downtown Manhattan and other parts of the city from a different angle. New York can sometimes make you feel like it’s going to swallow you up so a refreshing off Island boat trip is essential. 
  • Brooklyn Bridge: An experience that I love doing time and time again. To just people watch on this iconic bridge is so rewarding (it’s my guilty pleasure). Again, you get to see the city from a different angle and it’s nice to get out of the craziness for a few hours and just breathe.. plus it free too!
  • Top of the Rock: I’ve actually never visited this landmark before so it’s 100% a must for me. Last time I was in NYC I ventured to the top if the Empire State Building for a glorious sunset instead. To actually see the skyline including the Empire State will make for the most beautiful photographs and of course, memories. 

I also want to go to back Soho and Chinatown. The shopping in Lower Manhattan is something I’ve yet to experience.. Oh and I want to take a trip on the Skyline drive through the city!

      Washington DC:

      (Image courtesy of Dominic Morrocco

      • White House: I know the current president is an absolute pratt but I’ve always been obsessed with American Politics. Therefore it’s only natural that I pay a visit to the States very own Fort Knox. It will forever be the Obama home to me and I want to visit it to tick it off my bucket list. Regardless of who currently lives there, I’m super excited!
      • Capitol Hill: Purely from watching my favourites, Madam Secretary and The West Wing, I need to visit this iconic attraction. I can’t wait to shoot some seriously good photographs when I’m in DC, their monuments are literally like no other. I spent so many hours on Instagram just scrolling through various American photography accounts so it will be good to put my little camera to the test.
      • Lincoln Memorial/Washington Monument: Having adored these monuments in so many famous films, I’m so excited to hang out with the 16th US President and others. Of course the Washington monument will be interesting to view especially with the damage it’s indured with previous hurricanes and earthquakes. As this trip is going to be no doubt a wild adventure, I’m looking forward to sitting and looking over the Capital with some VIP company! 
      • Moonlight Tour: The idea of trekking around America’s capital on a moonlight tour makes me weak at the knees. I’m counting down the days until I’m going seeing the city during those great American sunsets and full moons. It will be a magical experience and I’ll be sure to share it with all of you along the way.


        (Image courtesy of Cabin Floor Esoterica)

        • Arlington Cemetery: Between road tripping from Washington to Appalachia, we make a stop in Virginia to visit the historic military cemetery. I’m so looking forward to wondering through the tombs and getting to see the eternal flame at JFK’s grave. That will without a doubt be such a surreal moment.
        • Shenandoah National Park: This is when I need to break out my hiking shoes for some serious outdoor activities. It’s from this point on that the true adventure of my travels begins. The most of my holiday consists of fun activities starting with a hike and yet another Skyline Drive through the Appalachian Mountains (deep breaths!). 

        Nashville/Memphis :

        (Images courtesy of Trip Advisor)

        • Cowboy bars: Time to get my Levi shorts out to celebrate my inner country and western girl. Upon arriving in the music capital, I’ll be hitting the town to party with all of the locals into the early hours of the morning. Maybe learn a few dance moves to take home with me!
        • Graceland: Once we’ve set up camp in Memphis and more specific the Graceland Campground, I will jump in my ride and head straight to the King’s home estate. Getting a tour of Elvis Presley’s house is so one of those rare occasions in life, I think I’ll end up crying. Seeing where he lived, created his music and spent time with his family is insane. 
        • Rock ‘n’ Soul/National Civil Rights Museums: Of course I have to throw myself into the magnificent culture with a visit to these monumental museums. The civil rights tour alone is sure to be so hardhitting but incredibly interesting to view – to see Martin Luther King’s life work will be truly beautiful art.

          New Orleans: 

          (Image courtesy of Google)

          Bourbon Street: As this part of America can be a little crazy, we’re going to stay close to the action around our hotel in the city centre. Although we will certainly be cranking up the jazz and spend a WILD evening in the home of Mardi Gras. Along with exploring the French Quarter, we will join the revellers on Bourdon Street to have the ultimate party!

          So this is pretty much my East Coast adventures. From New Orleans it’s then onto Los Angeles where I will move around the West Coast. I’m still so in shock that I’m spending my Summer doing this, never in my wildest dreams did I imagine it. I’ll be sure to start working on the rest of my trip asap, keep an eye out! 


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