Instagram Update

In my previous features I would have put together a ‘My Week On Instagram’ post but seeing as I’ve been away for while, here’s an Instagram Update. I couldn’t possibly round up nine months worth of images so I’ve put together a few collages of my favourite shots. Even though I took a break from blogging I still managed to keep up with my favourite social media account. I never really lost my spark for it as truth be told it was enjoyable to focus on. With its image based themes and little content required, I loved uploading to it.

So.. basically I’ve kept all of you updated on what’s been going on with my blog etc. I’ve been spamming the life out of you (so sorry!) across my blog and social media accounts with my plans for Summer. For today I thought I would save all of you the pain of hearing about it one more time and have a good old catch up. By the time this post goes live, I will have had an operation (hopefully) on my finger. I broke it a few week’s ago and waited too long to get it seen. Of course.. this makes things a little more complicated and I’ve to get my finger wired. Not that you needed to know any of this but I’m rusty with this blogging chit chat nowadays.

Also, I’ve left my eyebrows to their own devices and sweet Jesus, they’re ridiculous! I’ve never went this long without having them groomed (it’s been well over a year now) and all I have to show is one extra hair that has grown and an abstract shape that I don’t recognise. I love these people who say so effortlessly, “Oh I’m going to skip my next brow appointment and let them grow out”. Who even has brows like that?!?! I’ve wasted over one year of my life and now I’ve reached my breaking point. F@#k this growing them out nonsense, I’ve an appointment very soon with the lovely Giannina from the exclusive beauty boutique, The Brow Artisan. I regularly went to her when she worked for Benefit but she’s now the proud owner of this chic Lisburn Road establishment and she’s the ultimate brow queen. I’m excited to be featuring my visit and appointment with Giannina here on the blog – keep an eye out for it in the next few week’s!

Also.. can we take a moment to appreciate my new favourite tee?! (Fourth set of images, middle of top row)

“If the love doesn’t feel like 90’s R&B I don’t want it”

I’m such a sucker for slogan t-shirts and oldschool R&B. Coolio, Aaliyah, The Fugees and Brandy & Monica were some of my ride or die artists growing up so of course I had to get it. Apart from the new favourite top, I’ve just been featuring my usual flatlays, alcohol/chocolate infused images and all of the usual style & beauty bits ‘n’ bobs.

Hope you all had a great weekend and enjoyed that glorious sunshine. Lets hope it continues and these few days haven’t been our entire Summer. Chat soon!


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