Things I’ll Never Do Again

I’m literally laughing to myself with this feature – I could share so many hilarious things I’ll never do again but I need to keep some level of privacy (and respect). I’m without a doubt one of those people who puts their foot in everything, wakes up the morning after a night out with the fear (the only time I don’t appreciate Coldplay!) and has a million embarrassing stories to tell. This post will be a mixture of light hearted goodness with a somewhat serious but positive chat about life lessons. There’s nothing really ground breaking but I enjoy reading these types of posts – therefore I want to share my own.


A smart move on my part to *try* and conquer my fear of heights. I had a friend in Uni who was training to become an instructor and I somehow allowed him to pursuede me to jump. Being the only girl om the jump and diving first out of the plane at 13,000 feet, it’s safe to stay I had a point to prove. I wanted to get over my own fear all while not letting a group of men put me off. Along with these crazy thoughts, I had offered to jump for someone very special which made the entire experience an honour to do. When I landed (feet first on the runway – the pain was unbearable) I was glad to have survived diving, conquered a bucket list goal and most importantly raised money for an incredible family and charity. Needless to say it was worthwhile however I won’t be in a rush to nose dive out of a plane anytime soon!

Drunk Text/Talk:

Ahhhh, every girl’s worse nightmare along with a stomach wrenching hangover. The dreaded reminder on your phone of a conversation you would rather forget has to be a horrible experience. Whether it’s a leading someone on situation, declaring your false love scenario (the good old rose tinted glasses) or accidentally texting something to the wrong person, I would definitely try to forget it all. Same goes for face to face drunken stories .. although they’re a completely different league of their own as you can see the other person’s reaction! Haha. None the less we have all ticked this box and I’m hopeful that I’ve learnt my lesson here.

Not putting myself first:

Don’t get me wrong but there are times when we all help others out and it’s a great quality to have. However, there’s a huge difference in helping someone and allowing someone to completely demand all of your time and effort. Everyone needs a certain level of selfishness for themselves but when someone abuses your good nature for their own benefits, it’s just disgusting. I’ve finally got myself to a place where I look after myself before anything or anyone else, the right people in my life understand this and don’t take advantage of me.

Share too much:

It’s somewhat of an inevitable lesson to learn growing up. You think everyone is your really close friend and has your best interests at heart. Over sharing every little detail in life can come back to bite you as you never know who you can trust. It’s a small world so be careful who you talk to (I’ve learnt this the hard way many a times) and depending on the situation, you often have to go back with your tail between your legs. You can’t take back your words, they’re the reputation that people end up focusing on.

Picking the wrong degree:


This is more of a stupidity thing on my part. When I was 18 I partied *quite* a bit and made some silly decisions along the way – i.e: picking the wrong degree. I can remember being handed the form to pick my choices and literally looking for key words of interest as I was so unbelievably hungover. Enter Interactive Multimedia Design. I had an Art background so looked at the word design and put it down. It wasn’t until turned up to my orientation day that I realised it was Graphic Design. I never had a computer growing up and didn’t even own one at the time. Long story short – try not to be hungover while making pretty big life choices .. needless to say I completed my degree after four years of hell.

Long haul journey hungover: 

Again another big lesson to learn that involved alcohol (I promise I don’t have a problem). It was a pretty spontaneous session that included a scary amount of adult beverages across a 12/13 hour time period. Not very responsible but it was such good craic and honestly one of the best day/nights. I had “somehow” not taken into consideration my long haul journey the next morning (at 7am) … Once I remembered my pending trip, I ventured home and woke three hours later, still drunk and painfully delirious. I have never been so ill or in so much pain in my entire life! I honestly didn’t think that I was going to survive the journey but once I reached my destination (hangover in tow) I headed straight to bed with a ton of water and some strong headache tablets. Needless to say I learnt my lesson.. for now.

Travel without insurance:

Ahhh such memories with this one. After an amazing few days in the breathtaking, Krakow, I headed to the airport for my flight home. Now I’ve had my fair share of bad experiences when it comes to airports but nothing prepared me for this one. As I was patiently waiting on the girl checking in my details I noticed she was taking a little longer than usual. At this point in my head I thought that she was just taking her time until she gave me the strangest look. It was then that she informed me that I had booked my ticket home for one month later instead. I actually began to laugh out of pure nerves but quickly stopped once I remembered that I forgot to buy travel insurance. The first time I have ever made such a stupid mistake and my karma caught onto it and decided to teach me a little. So in short – buy insurance, try to book the correct fight time/date home and don’t be silly when it comes to travelling of it will cost you a lot of money!

Mistaking a dead flat fish for a Great White Shark:

I was killing myself with laughter at this one the other day. My best friend and I were reminiscing and of course this story came up. I could barely string my words together I was laughing so hard! It was so much funnier in person but when I was in Nerja for my brother’s wedding I was out in the Mediterranean Sea on a jet ski. I was minding my own business burning the up the knots when at the corner of my eye I spotted what I thought was a very large fin. As I created some waves with an impressive turn, I quickly freaked out as this life size fin was inches away from me. For those who know me well, know I have a massive obsession with sharks and in particular, the Great White. However the thought of having one just under my jet ski was pretty alarming. I quickly sped away with various scenarios running through my head. I was planning on grabbing it by it’s nose or poking it in the eye (because of course I’ll have time to do this with a 15 foot beast coming at me). It was like one of those scenes from a horror film where the girl runs up the stairs instead of out the front door. Anywho, I was driving unbelievably fast towards the instructors on the float screaming for help. The language barrier must have confused them as the thought I was laughing and having fun and started shouting “Play time, scenorita. Play time!” …. Play time my arse, I thought I was going to get torn to shreds by this Great White. Once I boarded the float I quickly became the laughing stock as the “fin” was simply a poor little flat fish about the size of my head that had died at was just floating around the sea on its side.

So yeah.. That’s pretty much my craziness wrapped up in a blog post – hope you enjoyed it. Of course I’d love to share more but I honestly don’t think my respect would allow me.


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