Instagram Roundup 

Let’s just say – the month of May was not kind to me! I was so ill for all of it and I also had to get an operation (I was supposed to get two but that’s a story for another day!). I’m thankfully recovering well after a bad turn but now I’m finally back on track and focusing on every Summer! *end of rant* So apart from everything mentioned above I’ve just been taking it easy and building myself back up.

With the upcoming trip fast approaching (4 week’s and counting) I’ve been putting together clothes and accessories that I’ve bought over the months. I was worried that I didn’t have enough but that may have been a slight UNDERSTATEMENT. My case is feeling much loved with all of the pieces but I figure it’s OK as I don’t plan on buying much when I’m there (I think I’m flat out lying now but sure) apart from the obvious Sephora hauls. Who knows – I don’t even know and it’s me I’m talking about. It all depends on what mood I’m in and I’ll take it from there. 

Anyway, I just thought I would share some of my favourite photos from my Instagram – I didn’t really buy any new makeup as I’ve been trying to save (or apparently replace it with buying a sh*t load of clothes). My feed has undergone a new theme and I’m absolutely loving it. It’s more of a contrast in some and obviously pops of colours when it comes to Summer posts. Everything feels a lot cleaner and it all looks so much sharper – a change of scenery isn’t always a bad thing.

I’ve a couple of fun events coming up that I’m looking forward to – a new and chic hair salon is opening on the Lisburn Road which I’m excited for.  I’m after some tips for new haircare and in particular treatments so we’ll see how it goes. On Monday I attended a beautiful dinner at James Street South which was hosted by the lovely PR girls for Sleek Ireland. I haven’t drank in so long so I had two glasses of wine (I don’t even drink wine) and needless to I felt a little rough yesterday. Probably not a smart move on my part as I had an appointment at the hospital for a follow up to my operation – my stomach was turning at the sight of the wound! On a much nicer note though, Lunn’s are celebrating a new interior redesign tonight so stay tuned over on my Instagram for all the details and surely lots of sparkle!


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