Beauty Edit : 5 tips before travelling 

Whenever you know you’ve a holiday coming up it’s the small things that you often forget about. I tend to write a checklist of various things I need to book in for. From taking care of my travel documents to making appointments for some beauty upkeep – it can be a busy time prepping. Trying to book in for appointments can be a little frustrating as you’ve limited time with work commitments etc and it’s more or less impossible to block book appointments or your day.

Wax: Not only does the awkwardness of the bikini area come into play but so does the leg, underarm and brows. As a girl, when you go away there is no better feeling than not having to worry about shaving. Everyone is different and not everyone is comfortable getting waxed but I personally prefer it as I feel Summer ready.

Nails: For me this is an essential. A well groomed manicure is important any time of the year let alone Summer. I like to get a gel finish as they last around three week’s and you can opt for a simple block colour or a creative design. Depending on your type of travel, packing light is so important – for me I need to consider this as I’m away for three week’s and moving around quite a bit. I hate having to pack bulky bottles that will more than likely smash during transit so that fresh gel manicure will be your life saver!

Hair: While I’m away I don’t plan on bringing a hairdryer or straighteners. I always opt for that natural beach wave look and air drying is my favourite thing to do. I will bring heat protection (it can even become damaged drying in the sun) moose for some volume and a little texturising spray to give it than effortless look. With this all being said a good cut is important to help with your hair in the humidity – if your hair is damaged or dry then it won’t react well to that hot weather.

Facial: A good facial will do you the world of good before you jet off as it helps prepare your skin for exposure to the sun and helps prevent sensivity/breakouts. I always book in for a facial and in particular a treatment that prepares my skin, exfoliates any dead skin cells and adds lots of hydration. As the harmful UV rays can play havoc on our skins we must protect it with SPF all year round but definitely during these hot months. I wear SPF 32 everyday throughout the year and SPF 50 in my foundation as I’ve had the sun damage my skin in the past. Also if you exfoliate your skin prior to your trip your skin will develop a nicer tan that doesn’t look dirty or muddy.

Feet: Every year I’m in such pain with my feet as the skin around my heels feel like they’re on fire due to wearing summer sandals. It is quite a painful thing and you don’t want it ruining your holiday because you find it hard to explore your lovely destination. I go to a chiropodist and they prep the skin for exposure to the constant walking and leave them feeling soft, pain free and ready for some sunshine. I never skip on good footwear as I have the worst trouble with my feet – I don’t ever bring high heels with me and my sandals or whatever footwear I’m wearing have a good sole on them for maximum comfort.

(Images courtesy of Pinterest.)

By making sure I’ve looked after these five areas I feel much more relaxed and prepared for any upcoming travels. They also get me excited as the prep can help build the excitement – you’ll appreciate the effort given when you’re on that beach with a cocktail in hand and you feel on top of the world. 


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