30 things before/while I’m 30 (a somewhat realistic bucket list)

Everyone has their own idea of a bucket list – some are travelled based, home interior inspired or just life goals in general. I’m hitting the good old dirty thirty in a matter of weeks and since turning twenty nine, it’s all I can think about. I’ve been dwelling on the negative side of things instead of looking towards my future and living in the moment. I often feel pressured by society to have settled down by now, own my own home, have produced a baby or two and of course, found that perfect job. Hate to break it to you but I’ve “accomplished” none of that and in a way – it makes me happy. Why should I settle for a bad relationship, put myself in debt over a mortgage when I can travel the world and actually do what I want to do with my life?! OK so … I could rant forever regarding expectations/pressures but for today I’ll just share my somewhat realistic bucket list. I’m putting a spin on the traditional bucket list and compiling my own little version – a list that is centered around the big 3.0. Some people have put together their 30 goals/aspirations before they turn thirty but as I can’t possibly complete all of them within six weeks, I have decided to name them my ’30 while I’m 30′ goals.

Thankfully I’ve already ticked off some on my general list such as; travelling around America, travelling solo for that matter, Skydiving for a great cause, becoming a qualified makeup artist, getting my diploma in Photography, living the swamp life (and holding a baby Alligator) and finally, spending Halloween in Salem. Pretty impressive in my eyes and there’s so much more but they are just some of my favourites. I obviously plan on travelling a lot more within my thirtieth year and would love to plan my dream trip to celebrate the big achievement with the following possible adventures – let’s see how far the budget will stretch though! Also keep in mind that these goals are not set in stone but ones I hope to achieve without a doubt.

Travel based – 

  1. Visit a brand new continent. 
  2. Swim with a Great White Shark.
  3. Go diving in the Great Barrier Reef.
  4. Move to another country – STAY TUNED!!!
  5. Take another cross country roadtrip.
  6. Explore Ireland more.
  7. Spend the day at a winery.
  8. Girls trip (February 18′ – Texas).
  9. Spend the 4th July in America.
  10. Enjoy more weekends away.

 Lifestyle –

  1. Enjoy more boozy brunches on a Sunday.
  2. Adopt a healthier lifestyle (well balanced with the brunches obviously).
  3. Learn to cook more adventurous meals.
  4. Get outdoors more.
  5. Dedicate myself to a strong workout routine.
  6. Pay off credit card – not much to say here apart from the obvious but you all can relate to this one!
  7. Get a new tattoo.
  8. Treat myself to a YSL bag.
  9. Find the perfect pair of jeans.
  10. Finally wear my Manolo Blanhniks.

 Personal – 

  1. Realise that turning 30 may actually be the beginning – the most important in my opinion! Learning to accept that I can’t change time and embrace it with a well deserved treat for living my life how I want to (hello YSL).
  2. Appreciate what I’ve accomplished in life already.
  3. Get a better control of my anxiety.
  4. Learn to be more content within myself.
  5. Complete next level makeup course.
  6. Have more of a ‘Yes’ approach to life.
  7. Socialise more.
  8. Keep working hard on myself and my head space.
  9. Do things that I actually want to do instead of feeling like I have to.
  10. Enjoy and appreciate the simple things in life.

I’m hopeful that I’ll accomplish all of these – I wanted to create a mixture of realistic, everyday objectives along with those life changing goals. Instead of the usual ‘New Year’ plans I wanted to share my version. Hope you all have a great 2018!





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