Moving on…

Soooo the last time we spoke (my blogging pattern is now laughable, I know!), I was talking about how I wanted to make some changes in my life and start working towards my goals. I last published a blog post in December and since then I’ve proudly ticked off some major goals. I spoke about how I wanted to accomplish certain things in life which were quite particular as well as general. A somewhat realistic collection of various goals I hoped to achieve before/while I’m thirty (you can read it here). I did indulge in that BIG trip to celebrate turning thirty (hellooo Texas), and it’s safe to say that the celebrations continued for a few weeks after!

From a travel point of view I have accomplished so much (best feeling ever), of what I have wanted to from the feature. It was pretty obvious from my points that I wanted a big change and the place was obvious too. A brand new continent, swim with a Great White Shark and go diving in the Great Barrier Reef?!?! Well I’m beyond happy to tell you that I will be doing all of that and more as I’m moving to Australia!!! After a few years of obstacles holding me back I’m finally doing things for me and it truly feels amazing!! I’m so proud of myself for doing this and I cannot wait to start this brand new adventure of a lifetime. I’m still in shock at times just thinking about how I have booked a one way ticket but I’m ready for it. I’m keeping an open mind with what to expect – I may only stay for four weeks, four months or I may never come back but it’s the fact that I’m trying something new, getting out of my comfort zone and living life.

(Image courtesy of Whitsundays Instagram)

I’m delighted to be travelling around the East Coast of Queensland with G Adventures on their Brisbane to Cairns experience. I’ve travelled with them before on my American tour which was such an memorable trip (you can read about it all here and here). On this journey we will be living on a yacht for three days, taking the 4×4’s out on the beaches, snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef (another one ticked off the bucket list), and enoying thee most breathtaking views on offer. I’ve always wanted to go to Australia but never did I really think that I would buy a one way ticket and move there for a while. I’m so excited and of course, naturally I’m nervous but, it’s something I need to do. I’ll be living in sunny Cairns where the ocean is crystal clear, the sun is always shining and the Barrier Reef is right on your doorstep!

(Image courtesy of Nautilus Aviation Instagram)

Anywho.. I just wanted to share my exciting news with all of you. I’ll be sure to post some more pieces along the way. More indept posts with details on what kind of visa I got, what requirements have to be met, various websites that are best for jobs and anything else I think is important. If any of you have any tips or advice then please feel free to contact me or leave a comment. You can also keep an eye on my Instagram for regular updates.


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