East Coast photo diary 

It’s been a little while now since I’ve been home and I can honestly say it has taken me this long to get myself back on track. As previously mentioned I had a tough time settling back in but now I’m finally moving forward. I was quite reluctant to share my East and West Coast photo diaries as I was wanting to focus on other things however I know there are some of you who wanted me to share my images (you can find my daily travel adventures at the time over on my Instagram). I had imagined taking a huge variety of photographs all while appreciating these beautiful places in real life but due to weather in certain places (hello New York ) and the fact that I want to keep some of those memories private – I am just going to share a few from each location with you.

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A moment I wish I could go back to. Three years ago I was in a breathtaking Spanish town for my brother’s wedding. It was my first time visiting Nerja and I spent two glorious week’s drinking a large amount of alcohol, jet skiing (I thought a flat fish was a sharks fin) and exploring the gorgeous little town. The entire family were there and we celebrated the wedding in style. It was honestly one of the best trips and I would love to rewind time and go back to that moment. 

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Wish List

As it is coming to the end of summer I’m thinking of the upcoming Autumn/Winter styles and how much I wish I was back on holiday. Seems like a life time ago I was chillaxing in Spain. However, I have some amazing opportunities coming my way in the next few weeks so that is keeping me busy and excited!

Like I said, I’m already thinking about my Autumn/Winter wardrobe. If there is one place I adore for some stylish winter wear, it has to be A|Wear. While I was browsing their new A/W collections, I came across this adorable sweater. The reason why it is on my wish list is due to the fact that I’m refusing to buy a woolly jumper in the middle of August!

Ah, the delicious man section of my list. I enjoy “researching” beautiful men more and more each week. Holy mother of all things hot and mc dreamy! Ladies, I would like to introduce the perfect Mr Patrick Dempsey. This magnificent man ranks extremely high in my list! Doctor Shepard, I think I may have a fever. 😉

Finishing off the post with one of my favourite holidays of all time. I went to Crete, Greece, in July 2008. It was two weeks of heaven and such a stunning place to visit. I would recommend it to anyone. It was so peaceful and the weather was unreal. I took this photo on a ledge that was draped with flowers and over looked the marina. How beautiful is it?!

I’m so excited for tonight. I’m going to be rocking it out to the Stone Roses and Florence & The Machine at Tennent’s Vital. So excited! Are any of you lovely ladies going? I hope you enjoyed this week’s post. Have fun!


Wish List

So the weekend has ended and I have to say that I have never had a more boring weekend in my life! I didn’t go on any nights out as I’m trying to save for my holidays, it was terrible. The longest weekend of my life. That will be the last time I ever pull a stunt like that again.

Anywho, I’m going to start of my Wish List with something I have been longing to buy for a long, long time. I spotted this magnificent Michael Kors Rose Gold watch in a magazine several months ago. The reason why it is still on my Wish List is due to the fact that I decided to pass my driving test and have to spend the majority of money on insurance and petrol. (And I don’t even have my own car!) However, I really am going to buy it within the next few months. Hopefully.

Next, the real man of my dreams. Everyone has a list of men and Mr Sean Connery has topped mine for years. Yes he may be an older man, (no jokes please), but I just love him and find him unbelievably attractive. I mean, his seductive accent alone makes him a hottie. And I think he has just got better with age. Of course he was beautiful in his James Bond days, but now, he’s a piece of art.

A few years back, I had planned on travelling to Thailand and Australia during my summer off from University. I can remember it was around January when I was about to book the flights and accommodation. About one week before going to the travel agents, I was watching TV when I came across a film called ‘Wolf Creek’. For all of you who have never seen the film, it’s about back packers who are taken hostage by a psycho in Australia and tortured. AND it’s a true story! Needless to say, I didn’t go ahead with booking the trip. However, perhaps one day I’ll visit Koh Phangan for some full moon partying.

Hope you’re all having a good day. Did anyone watch Wimbledon? How good and gorgeous is Roger Federer?! 😉


Introducing My Wish List

This week I am trying something entirely new. It’s called my ‘Wish List’ and it’s basically three things I wish I had each week. If you’re a red-blooded female then I know you’ll understand me when I say that we all have our lists. First, I will obviously talk about a fashion item I wish I had. Next, I will move onto a man I wish I had. (Yes ladies, you heard me.) And finally, a destination where I would like to be chilling in. Lets begin. 🙂

Fashion Wish:

I’ve had my eye on these fabulous court platforms from Office for some time now. It’s not exactly the cost that has prevented me from buying these but in fact the material and colour. If you’re like me on a night out and can become a little clumsy. (Thanks to the vodka!) Then you will second guess purchasing these stunning heels. So, for this week, these are on my wish list.

Man Wish: 

This little section right here has to be the best one! It’s every girl’s dream to ooh and aah over their sexiest man alive. Even though I am happily in a relationship, we all still have our lists. (Think of Ross in the Friends episode!) This week, I am starting with the king of hangovers, none other than Mr Bradley Cooper.  Just look at his designer stubble and crystal blue eyes. As Olly Murs says, My heart skips a beat!

Holiday Wish: 

I’m starting with one of my most favourite places in the world, County Kerry. I just love how beautiful and relaxing it is. My family use to have a house there and every summer we would go down for a few months. It holds such amazing memories for me and if I’m having a bad day, Kerry is always the place I wish I could escape to.

So as this is my first post on my Wish List, I would love to get your feedback. Whether you like it or want any changes/improvements made to it then let me know your thoughts. Hope you’re all having a great week.