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Even though I’m glad to see the end of Summer, I have a few more posts from Spain that I need to feature. I feel like I’m under pressure to get them out before they become dated and aren’t relevant to the current season. So what I’m trying to say is expect a lot of summer style posts in the next two weeks! I can’t wait to get back to the cold crisp days, dark nights and good old Irish dinners. The return of the Sunday dinner will be welcomed with open arms. I’ve a few exciting weeks coming up, starting with the highly anticipated launch of the new KIKO store in Belfast. I cannot wait to get a good look at all of the gorgeous products, it’s one of my favourite brands.

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Nails Inc || The Knightsbridge

There is no better way to kick start your Summer holidays than being pampered with a fresh manicure. On Friday I spent my morning at Nails Inc in the House of Fraser, Belfast checking out their new gel polishes that are due to launch later this season. Each shade is named after an iconic location around London and my choice was,‘The Knightsbridge’. The classic nude shade is the perfect look for Summer, it’s fresh, clean and simplistic which is what the brighter months should be all about. I’ve had a gelish manicure before so I was excited to get some much needed TLC for my nails.



With so many adorable shades to work with it was hard to decide what to wear but I was definitely all about the nude. I have so many events, meetings and festivals coming up over the next few week’s and it’s always lady etiquette to look freshly polished (that’s my excuse, anyway!).

Before the lovely Laura applied the nude shade, she prepped my nails by working on my cuticles (which were in dire need of attention) and filing my nails into a lovely natural shape. My nails have been quite weak and poorly looked after over the past few months if I’m honest so she started to process of a new treatment. NailKale is a new nail care range formulated with Kale to help create stronger and healthier nails.


The range includes six different treatments; a Superfood base coat, a highlighter and four colours. Each one has some Kale extract which is perfect for injecting some Vitamin A, C and K to stimulate the Keratin production within your nail and gives them plenty of hydration and nourishment. Personally, my nails grow pretty well, it’s just the condition of them that I need to focus on.


The manicure itself was the perfect pamper session. I have to admit that I genuinely prefer a gel polish as it is kinder to your nails and doesn’t leave them badly damaged when they’ve been removed. Myself and Laura had a lovely girly catch up throughout my treatment which made it all the more enjoyable. I opted for some Swarovski crystals to each nail to add a touch of sparkle to them for Summer. I love how it gives them a delicate and pretty effect against the gorgeous Knightsbridge nude.



After consulting with the girls (the very helpful Laura and Seanine), I invested in some nails treatments as I really need to start to looking after them. I got the 45 second base coat to lock in my new colour and nourish my actual nail, Cuticle oil pen to help fight the dehydration and dryness of my cuticles and SOS nail pen for some on the go emergency treatments.


Thanks again to Laura and Seanine for making me feel very welcome and looking after my nails. I’m looking forward to pampering them with some much needed TLC each month.


My week on Instagram ♥

So much for me going on a saving spree – instead I went on a spending one. I just find it so hard to save. I’ve now decided to only buy pieces that I can’t live without, before I was a real impulse buyer, that’s all going to change now.

Anywho, during the week, I attended a few events by the lovely CastleCourt and Emozioni by Hot Diamonds. Shopped just a tiny little bit and uploaded a few OOTD images.

Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. ♥

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A Book Called ‘It’

Today’s post is kind of fashion, kind of not. It’s basically fashion chit chat combined with Alexa Chung’s favourite inspirational people throughout the decades and displayed to us in the form of a book called ‘It’.

I’ve purchased my fair share of style and beauty books, but, this one is a little different as it’s less formal and 100% honest.


I read the book in one evening as I just couldn’t put it down. It isn’t your average style book and that’s what I loved most about it. From the images to the graphics, it truly is a stunning book.



I’m excited to add it to my fashion and beauty books collection. ♥


Have any of you lovely ladies read this book yet? I’d love to get your feedback!