Don’t worry – I haven’t disappeared!

Over the past 18 months I have found it challenging to maintain my weekly blog posts, get in front of the camera and all round make the effort. I could tell you a million reasons why I haven’t but I’m finally in an amazing place and ready to take responsibility. Personally, I don’t see the point in blogging if I’m not able to truly enjoy it so I’ve taken time to get myself together. You all know my previous history and now I’m 100% on the mend (I’ve made a few lifestyle changes i.e; healthy eating & working out) and now I’m so EXCITED for what the future holds!! After my upcoming Summer adventures (you can read them here) I’ve some serious decisions to make – like whether or not I want to stay here in Ireland or move and start a new life abroad.

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I Wish…

This past year or two I have spent time thinking about things I wish I had accomplished when I was younger. I suppose everyone has these feelings and to a certain degree it is completely normal, but I just thought I would share my thoughts with all of you today. As cliché as it sounds I’m getting closer to my dirty thirties (deep breathes) and it’s true what they say, your younger year go by in the blink of an eye. I’ve gather some points that I hope will encourage some of my younger readers to branch out and explore the world a little more. You’ll find they all go hand in hand with each other.

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Blogging Goals for 2016

I know what you’re thinking. It’s 2016 and the cliché blog posts are going to take the internet by storm… mine included. I have a personal planner that I set my own goals in however I thought to myself that if I put them out in the blogosphere, I HAVE to follow them. I never make New Year resolutions but these are my own version for me and my blog. Usually if I say I’ll do something more, I end up giving up on them mid way through February. Pretty standard. I wanted to kick start this post with a beautiful quote from Just Sayin’ Girl and as I’m compiling this post I’m also busy flicking between the Sound of Music and Little Women, I grew up watching musicals so as you can imagine I’m in my element. Read More

Life Lessons: What I’ve Learnt So Far…

A cliché post today but I just thought I would share some of my thoughts on what I’ve learnt so far in life. Yes, I’m in my (late) twenties so maybe in other people’s eyes I have still so much to learn and that is 100% true. However, I wanted to talk about a few things for some of my younger (you lucky rascals) readers and those of you who feel the same way and can relate. I love nothing more than catching up with my favourite bloggers and finding out that they go through the same emotions as I do, a simple statement but it just makes me feel that little bit more at ease. If they’re in the same industry as me or want to achieve similar goals then I feel more at peace with myself. This has turned out to be a LONG post so go grab a cup of tea or coffee and settle down for a read.


I can be my own worst enemy at times as I give myself such a hard time about not achieving what I have wanted to at this age. Whether this is regarding my career, personal goals or just in life in general. Over the past year I have been working hard to take it easy and understand things a little better starting with myself. I try thinking things through before I jump the gun and start having a go at myself or think that the world is against me. It’s not an attractive quality to have and it certainly doesn’t do your confidence any good, it can even take a toll on your health if you’re not careful. Without getting too deep and carried away with this I’m just going to highlight some key thoughts about life so far…

1. Mind The Manners:

Working in this industry is an amazing experience and something I cherish doing everyday however it definitely has a dark side. Over the few year’s I have come across the most ignorant, belittling and horrible people. As soon as they get any sort of a name for themselves or believe they’ve been in the industry for a certain amount of time, they seem to loose all of their manners. Remembering where you came from and that feeling you had when you first started out is of massive importance. I find that industry professionals and sadly even some bloggers, are set on looking after themselves and no one else. Yes a certain amount of drive is required to go after your dreams but don’t ever knock anyone down on your way up, you may need their help when you’re coming back down. I recently had a discussion with someone regarding people’s hesitations and willingness to share their story and industry knowledge. Sadly this will never change so make sure you surround yourself with people you trust and who you can turn to about any little thing. Luckily not everyone is like this and by having that great group of people makes this journey all the more enjoyable and you can share your triumphs and fears with them knowing they’re looking out for you.


2. Just Keep Swimming:

I can’t tell you how many times I have “freaked out” about what path I’m going down, if I could make it in the career I have always dreamt about and how long will it take to make a name for myself. Also, let’s not forget those ‘lovely’ people who like to tell you that you’ve went into a dead end career path and make you feel even better about yourself and all of your hard work. With all of this in mind, I have still continued to work very hard on building my brand and keeping up with my blog and networking. It’s all part of the game and I absolutely adore every second of it. Now, I’m not at the stage where I can blog full time as I do have a day time job, however I still have that hope in mind that I will get an opportunity to move into my desired field in a more permanent position. My point is don’t give up at the first sign of doubt, everyone’s success happens at different times. Some happen early on, other’s have to work that little bit harder for it. I’m not going to lie, during my freak out moments I have looked at others and wondered how it has worked out so well for them straight away. I just try to remind myself that my extra bit of hard work will make me appreciate it greatly when it does happen for me.


3. Be Yourself:

A cliché point but often one that is underrated. As you see other people, bloggers and industry professionals grow, celebrate their success with them. Don’t try to copy their brand, style or path taken as it will not work out that same way for you. You can certainly have the same goals and work ethic but adjust it to your own life and work hard for achieving the life you want. Now.. I have a lot of people who I admire and turn too when it comes to their careers and advice they might have for me but never would I set out to mimic them as it is not me. I would focus on what I want to achieve in life and career and work on it in a way that is true to me. As Oscar Wilde has said: “Be yourself; everyone else is taken”.


4: Do What You Love:

I always see this quote everywhere I turn. It is one that I constantly think about and remember when times get tough. I may only be freelancing at the moment but as I’ve previously said throughout this post, I absolutely adore what I do. Whether your foot is just in the door or you’re lucky to be working full time in your chosen career, the determination still lives on. The hope of making it more of a full time business is very much alive. I have to give up a lot of my own personal time writing, taking photographs and of course, networking. I’m not complaining as I enjoy nothing more and I’ve been able to step out of my comfort zone.  I know there are some people out there who mock what I do but I don’t see them doing what they love (settling and judgemental springs to mind). I wake up everyday excited about what opportunities may come my way or what new brand I will be working with. It gives me a great sense of determination to keep working hard and I love that this little blog is all mine. From start to finish my blog is full of my hard work, endless hours writing and sometimes tears.. something that I am very proud of. I certainly love what I do and this is incredibly important when it comes to building your brand.


5. Friends:

My final point and probably the most important. No matter what you go through in your life, you need that best friend that will always be there for you. I’m extremely lucky to have mine for over twenty years now and I don’t know what I would do without my curly haired little rascal. She has been there for me through the hardest of times and always helps and endlessly listens to me when I’m talking her ear off. She is so supportive of everything I do. I’m even luckier to have a great group of girls who I can turn to that I’ve met through life and in particular, blogging. We share our hopes and dreams and help each other throughout our blogging journey. When I need some mentoring advice, I’m lucky to have met the most helpful people who encourage every move I make and help me succeed further. I only hope I do the same for them as I cherish all of my friends greatly. I don’t know where I would be without any of them and I enjoy nothing more than catching up with them for a good old gossip.


I hope this wasn’t too long and you were able to get some inspiration from it (and enjoyed the many quotes!) Haha. All of the points link into one other but each topic is so important to remember. I know when I read similar blog posts regarding people and what they are going through, it always helps me to feel a little bit better knowing I’m not the only one.


Aliza Licht || Leave Your Mark 💋

A few week’s ago I came across a book on Instagram that caught my eye after seeing rave reviews about it from various fashion, beauty and lifestyle bloggers. I was intrigued at first glance but I continued to browse my feed over the next couple of days until I continuously saw the book. I took it as a sign and purchased it for a good ‘summer read’.

I always followed DKNY PR Girl on Twitter but never knew who the face behind the social media handle was. It was very much a Gossip Girl style story and I was 100% on board when I found out that the book was written by Aliza Licht, the voice behind brand. As she has years of experience within the industry I wanted to get the book for some inspiration and guidance as to how to make a name for myself. I’ve worked hard over the years and built up a sound knowledge of the industry and contacts but I always look up to others who have more to share.


In her book, Leave Your Mark, Aliza is brutally honest (which I love) and shares her career journey and current thoughts on all things social media, getting the best experience, dealing with people and remaining professional. This all might sound pretty obvious but they’re often forgotten about when people start making a name for themselves. Remaining humble yet being a strong and brave individual are some of the key fundamentals to building a career for yourself.


One chapter of the book that stood out for me was, Email Etiquette. Here Aliza talks about how to speak the proper technology talk and the best way in her opinion to address industry professionals (something that people often lack). I have to admit there are times when I have received emails that are so inappropriate and what I like to call ‘text talk’. If you have never met me before then I personally believe that you should be polite and introduce yourself, don’t just send me a group email (a pet peeve of mine) with no name on it and expect me to appreciate you contacting me.

Taking an opportunity by the hands is sometimes often lost as people either let fear control them or they blow it with the wrong etiquette when contacting others. Now don’t get me wrong, if you have built up a strong relationship or already know some professionals then that’s fine. You can both talk to each other in a way you accept and are comfortable with. However, approaching people is the key starting point to building your brand and securing respect and opportunities for yourself.

Without giving away too much information about the book, I just wanted to share my thoughts on it and some of the content that I find extremely useful. I would definitely recommend giving it a go if you are eager to start the process of building a success career for yourself. Are there any books that you would recommend?!

Happy Friday my lovelies!