Beauty Edit: Pestle & Mortar Erase Makeup Remover Balm

If there’s one area of skincare that is underrated in my opinion – it’s a good makeup remover. Once upon a time I used baby wipes but quickly stopped when I learnt just how damaging it was to the skin. For a while now I’ve been using baby oil (out of pure laziness) but it’s a little too harsh for my eye area. They dried up quite a bit but I also think it was part hayfever too as the itchiness was quite intense. I’ve been shopping around for a little while looking at various cleansing balms to help break down and remove any makeup or pollution. Pestle & Mortar have made such an impact on my beauty regime with their Hydrochloric Serum and now I’ve introduced their latest addition, Erase cleansing/makeup removing balm into the mix. It’s an oil like balm that is designed to remove even stubborn makeup and of course those day to day elements such as dirt and any environmental issues.

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