My Week On Instagram 

Happy Monday, my lovelies! Well it certainly is for me as I’m enjoying some much needed time off work thanks to a little holiday I like to call, Halloween. You all know just how much I love this time of year so I’m going to indulge in watching Hocus Pocus and Practical Magic one too many times. I’m really looking forward to some time off as it gives me the chance to catch up on the blog and concentrate on creating lots of posts for you to enjoy. You all know from the title of this feature that it involves my favourite post and my favourite app, Instagram.

I’ve been so busy the past few week’s, I’ve had some events on down in Dublin (you can read them here and here) and I’ve been focusing on those. I’m really enjoying getting back into the swing of being in ‘front of camera’.. I hope you’re liking the OOTD features too. This week I’m planning on shooting some more personal style looks for all of you.

Tonight I’m off to a private screening of the new James Bond film, Spectre. I can’t wait to see the latest instalment over some popcorn and champagne. Hope you all have a great week.


Autumn Beauty Essentials

I was thinking of ways to share my favourite Autumn skincare and make up products and instead of featuring them in separate posts, I thought why not combine them in one essentials collection. During the colder months, my skin definitely likes to plays tricks on me. A lot of hydration is required and minimal skincare products play a huge role in looking after it. When it comes to make up I love nothing more than opting for a warm red/burgundy smoky eye for an evening out.

Make up:

Over the weekend I was in Dublin and popped into Brown Thomas to update my Charlotte Tilbury collection and invest in another of her eyeshadow palettes in The Dolce Vita. The pigmentation from her quartz are so beautiful and buttery. I find them a dream to blend and I love how I can create a neutral or bold look using only four shades. Her idea behind this product is to give us ladies the perfect desk to disco using limited shades. The fabulous rusted gold colour is amazing on its own but spritzed with some one MAC Fix+ it pops like no other. The shades are very Autumn appropriate and the perfect foursome for this season. I also have one of her other quartz in The Vintage Vamp. I get so much use out of it and even though her products are quite high end, I personally think they are worth every penny.

The highlight takes a more natural front with beautifully simplistic dusting on the high points of my face. Obviously during the summer months, it’s all about that glow but during the darker months I like to take it back a bit and only apply little amounts on certain area of my face. I’ll use a matte primer and add highlight through my favourite products, Champagne Pop(a collaboration between Jaclyn Hill and Becca Cosmetics) and Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette. These are my saviours during this season as they help set, bronze and highlight my skin when it is looking a little dull.


Over the past four months the penny has finally dropped for me when it comes to skincare. It took me years to truly understand certain products, what they’re for and what ingredients are best suited for my skin. I’ve an oily skin type and it is so sensitive. I tend to lean towards gel/foam pike products that have hydrochloric and salicylic acid. I have loved serums for so long and I have recently introduced oil based skincare into my routine. I was under the wrong impression regarding oil products as I thought they would clash with my skin type but it adds so much hydration. A few week’s ago, I started using The Body Shop and their Vitamin E Face Mist along with the Oils of Life. Both have been a God send and I actually look forward to prepping my skin. The mist is so refreshing for wearing as a stand alone product or misting over make up. Once a week I try to use a mask to clean the previous seven days out of my skin. Green tea is notoriously good for the skin and I was very excited to try Asarri and their Green Tea Mud Mask. I haven’t been using it for very long but so far I’m enjoying the results.

I’m convinced that this next brand has helped save my skin and settle it down. Bioderma has been a new edition to my routine and I can’t imagine what I would do without it. It is such a natural brand and I find their products to be incredibly kind to my skin. I use their H20 serum, lip balm and Sensibio H20 Micellaire water to remove make up and cleanse my skin. Definitely a recommendation!


As we layer so much during A/W I find it crucial to manicure my nails as I’m always so covered up. Accessories and nails are always a must for me and I love keeping it all classic with a simple red. I reach for my Marc Jacobs polish time and time again. To give it more of a gel finish, I’ll set it with one coat of my Nails Inc top coat. A perfect duo that will create maximum effect.

I think I need to invest in some dark brown lipsticks to make my Autumn collection complete. I want to change up my lip shades a little and I think opting for a more 90’s look will be fab.


High End Make Up Favourites

As much as I’m a lover of a bargain and high street purchases, every so often I love indulging in some high end treats. I always feel better when I treat myself to make up, it’s also part of the beauty blogging business investing in some products. (That’s my excuse!)


On a more serious note, I’ve quite sensitive skin so I do like spending a little more if it is a better match for me and doesn’t leave my skin in pieces. It took me so long to find a foundation that has good coverage, long lasting and doesn’t break my skin out so I’m more than happy to invest rather than save on money.

Charlotte Tilbury:

I first purchased some of her products last year when I was down in Dublin. The only place in Ireland you can buy Charlotte Tilbury is in Brown Thomas. It was one of her lipsticks in the shade, Bond Girl and it is such a beautiful product. It’s incredibly creamy and the colour is absolutely perfect for the Autumn season. I’ve also added a few more of her products to my collection such as the Film Star Bronze & Glow palette, Swish & Pop blush in the shade, Ecstasy, another lipstick called Coachella Coral, Lip Cheat pencil in Pink Venus and my favourite eyeshadow quartz in The Vintage Vamp. I would highly recommend this palette as it is so pigmented and the colours are just beautiful.




Such a classic brand, I have always been a massive fan of Hourglass. It was when I was in Boston last year that I started becoming obsessed with their products. I spent time testing out them out and I had heard so many amazing reports from various beauty bloggers beforehand. I purchased one of their iconic Fenme Nude lip stylo in Nude N°6, the much sought after ambient lighting palette and until recently their new ambient luminous bronzer. It definitely is a more high end brand as their products can be quite pricey but the quality of them are so worth it and the packaging alone is to die for.




The mother of all high end brands, YSL has become a strong favourite within the beauty industry. It took me a while to get round to checking out their products, don’t really know why. Of course, the first product that always come to mind are their magnificent lipsticks. I think I actually purchased my first one for the packaging alone. They are sooo unbelievably beautiful and rich looking. Each shade is represented around the lipstick tube which I love as it makes it easy to find. I’ve updated my collection over the past few months and I also purchased their new sun kissed blur perfector in number three.



One of the newest purchases I’ve made and I’ve yet to properly invest in more products. The skin pressed perfectors are definitely their most well known and popular products. Moonstone and Opal have been their most sought after shades when it comes to highlighting, however a few months ago, Becca collaborated with You Tube sensation, Jaclyn Hill and created, Champagne Pop. It is a beautiful and highly pigmented peach/rose gold shade that I absolutely adore. I had a family member get it for me in New York as it has yet to launch here in Ireland. I know I’ve only one Becca product but I just couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you as it is just a fabulous highlighter. I’m dying to try their radiance primers and other highlighters, new purchases in the near future.



A cult classic and iconic brand, Chanel have made a household name for themselves within the beauty industry. Their products are timeless and elegant, much more of a matured brand in my opinion. They do have some bold shades but their make up is for a woman who knows what she likes and who often has a signature look. I always think of Olivia Palermo when it comes to this Chanel beauty as she is such a chic person with signature styles. She always wears a deep red manicure and simplistic look, she is everything a Chanel woman represents. It all started with a blusher (no.82 – Reflex) for me and trickled on down to investing in their Le Blanc primer, Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzer and a beautiful plum shadow in the shade, Diapason.


I know the make up I’ve shared today is all very high end but it’s just something I like to save my money for and indulge in. We all have our weak spots and these iconic brands are definitely mine. If any of you lovely ladies have any recommendations please feel free to leave a comment below.


Top 5 || Highlighters

As a beauty blogger I have built up quite a large make up collection over the years (always a good excuse for over spending) in particular, highlighters. My addiction for highlighters is pretty intense, they’re probably the first product I check out when shopping online or in store. The strobing effect (a fancy word for highlight) has been in full swing over the past few months. Today I want to share my top five favourites with all of you, it was a hard decision trying to narrow it down to just five. I definitely prefer a more rose gold, pink shade highlighter with warm undertones. I try to branch out but I just find these shades work best with my skin tone.


Hourglass: The mother of all lighting palettes, this little trio has changed my life. I absolutely love Hourglass and I was so excited when I purchased this at Sephora when I was in Boston. Not only is it perfect for travelling but it sets, highlights and bronzes my face without caking. I know it’s a little pricey for some but I personally think that it is well worth the investment. It’s hard to hit pan with these as you can see from the photo. It will last you for years therefore you will never waste money on something expensive that runs out fast.

The Balm: I think this Mary Lou Manizer highlighter was one of my first back in the day. I bought it from Feel Unique but I think you can now buy this brand in selected Debenhams. If you’re looking for a striking highlight with intense pigmentation then this is the one for you. It’s more of a vanilla shade that can be great for most skin tones however if you have a tan I find that this can look too white on the skin. I use this when I’m going for that all out strobe effect and want to add a serious glow to my look. It’s different from my other ones but I just love how buttery it is. It’s also great for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone.

M.A.C: Every girl on the planet is bound to have a highlighter from these make up giants in their collection. I would classify M.A.C as more of a high street brand so it is perfect for those of you who are just starting out and building up their collection. Titled Soft & Gentle it really is a naturally glowing product. This is the highlight that I wear on a daily basis as it is incredibly universal and long lasting. I apply it to my cheekbones, cupids bow, chin and brow bone for a subtle yet pretty glow.

Kevyn Aucoin: Definitely more of a splurge purchase, this delicate and dreamy product is one for the books. It is a high end brand therefore it comes with an expensive price tag. I save this beauty for special occasions after seeing it on Jaclyn Hill’s channel. It blends like an absolute dream and is perfectly pocket size. I have seen a lot of UK bloggers loving the Candlelight shade but I just prefer this pink toned product. Again it has a strong pigmentation and less is definitely more with this highlighter, I just apply this one to my cheekbones.

Laura Mercier: This next shade goes to a new level with this fabulous highligher. I love all things rose gold so it’s only natural that I invested in some make up. It is a work of art and definitely one for the collection. I think it might have been a limited edition, I’m not entirely sure but it was my go to product during the summer months. The detailing on the product is magnificent and makes it all the more appealing. Again as this is heavily pigmented, I only put this along the tops of my cheekbones and a tiny amount on my browbone.

The brands I love are mainly high end but that’s just a personal preference. I haven’t really came across any drugstore highlighters that are greatly pigmented or have long lasting power. However I am definitely open for suggestions so please feel free to leave me a comment below or on my Instagram.

Hope you all have a fab weekend! See you in my next post.


What’s In My Make Up Bag?

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to be featured on discussing all things beauty, particularly what I carry in my make up bag. I shared all of my must have beauty products that I use on a daily basis. I also featured some of my essential products that will carry me from day to night. I feel extremely grateful and honoured to have been featured so I just wanted to share it with all of you today.

As women, we all have the urge to have a good old rummage through other ladies make up bags. I think it says a lot about them and how they look after their appearance. Some can create a truly effortless look with minimal products, I however need a good army of essentials with me to master the ‘no make, make up look’. 

I absolutely love shopping for make up and I could spend hours watching my favourite You Tuber’s creating this seasons hottest looks and TRYING to recreate my version of it. As I have quite sensitive skin, I like to invest a little more money into to my everyday look, however I still adore Superdrug for its purse friendly brands that I swear by.

Usually during a week day morning, I have around twenty minutes to create a semi decent face due to my sheer laziness to get out of bed. I keep it simple as I don’t like to wear too much. That all changes though come the weekend, I enjoy nothing more than spending some extra time blending out that perfect smokey eye or keeping it classic with a bold statement lip and a subtle contour using Soleil Tan De Chanel and highlight with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder Palette

 I kick start the process with a good skin prep and cleanse, and after applying my La Roche Posay eye cream and Effactlar Duo {+} products I top it off with some moisturiser and I’m good to go. I always prime my face with the Laura Mercier Foundation primer in Radiance, it’s my wonder product and it gives an absolutely beautiful glow to my skin leaving it feeling silky soft. This makes applying and blending my foundation and other products all the more smoother. I can never go without primer, I think it is such an important item to include into your daily make up routine.

Next step is my foundation. I have tried and tested an ridiculous amount of brands over the years for my oily skin type. For about two years now I have settle with drug store brand, Revlon. It was recommended to me by another beauty blogger and I haven’t looked back. Costing only £12.99, it is an absolute bargain and must have if you ask me. It is medium to full coverage and has a semi matte finish with a lovely dewy effect.

 I have just recently switched my concealer to Urban Decay’s Naked Skin weightless complete coverage which I am madly in love with. I have problems with my eyes, from dark circles to Malia leaving me feeling pretty self conscious. I like a full coverage look that doesn’t leave my eyes looking dried up. If I apply powder, it ages my under eye area and some concealers crease around my Malia. I believe that concealer should be applied throughout your face to help balance out your look and help it look more dimensional. 

When it comes to blush, I usually opt for a soft coral shade that is quite natural looking with a soft sheen. I switch between Benefit’s Rockateur and Max Factor. These two are a must have for me, they are bold enough to notice without overpowering my face. Topping it off with some Bourjois Healthy Balance powder to use in my t-zone and helps keep my foundation in place with the drastic cake effect.

Eyebrows have never been a strong point for me so I always need to have hem filled in, enter Anastasia Beverly Hills. I first purchases her Brow Whiz pencil when I was in New York and I have never looked back. It helps to mimic my hairs without looking too harsh and leaves them looking a lot fuller and tidy. As I have dark brown eyes I love creating a warm smoky eye using Charlotte Tilbury’s Vintage Vamp palette. The colours are absolutely stunning and the pigmentation is pretty impressive. This little quartz is so easy to use and blends like a dream. I’ll always top off my look with some Benefit Rollerlash mascara, it curls my eyelashes so beautifully and doesn’t clump or smudge around my eyes.

Finishing off with my lips, I prime them with MAC’s Prep + Prime. I have been using this product for years now and I swear by it. I love a 90’s neutral lip for my daytime look so I wear Boldly Bare lip pencil with either Hourglass nude lipstick or Charlotte Tilbury’s, Bond Girl. For an evening out, I would apply Make Up Forever’s Rouge Intense lipstick. All of these lip products are long lasting and never bleed, definitely worth investing in if you ask me.  

So what did all of you think of my feature? I would love to hear your thoughts on all of it. See you all Friday.