Blogger Niamh Kelly - Tenaya Lake, Yosmite National Park

West Coast photo diary

So… in last week’s photo diary we finished in New Orleans, right?! Fast forward about two hours eating in an airport and three hours flying we touched down in the City of Angels (a.k.a Los Angeles). In this section of the trip it was a bit more ‘nature based’ as we had the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Lake Havasu, Yosemite etc on our itinerary. We also had Vegas to gear ourselves up for so taking in the fresh air and insane hikes at these jaw dropping spots was a good call. Both the East and West Coasts were two very different experiences and for me that made my trip one for the bucket list – best of both worlds in my opinion.

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Recap: What I’ve learned about travelling 

It’s 3.08am and I’m wide awake, filled with all kinds of emotions thanks to my good friend, jet lag. My body and mind never seem to respond well to it – sometimes it’s just a case of sleeping for 25 hours straight and other times it’s a little more complicated. This bout seems a little tougher to shift and rightly so as I’ve just returned from a trip of a lifetime – one that has changed me for the better. I honestly had no idea that I would have experienced an adventure quite like this one or have met such genuine and life long friends that I’ll forever cherish. To be honest I’ve found it quite tough settling back in as I miss my hectic/carefree travel routine, roadtrips to the most random places in America, acting like an absolute idiot with the most amazing people I know and just never knowing what is around the corner at our next pit stop. Leaving reality behind and roadtripping across the States was by far the best decision I’ve ever made. From drinking Moonshine whiskey in Knoxville at 10am to eating Pizza on the South Rim of the Grand Canyon – it was a bucket list adventure without a doubt.

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Best of USA Bucket List: West Coast 

Every time I think of the West Coast of America I can’t help but hear The Beachboys playing in my head. Definitely the more fairytale side of the states with Hollywood, Vegas and San Franisco.. I will have a somewhat different experience compared to the East Coast. This leg of my trip will more than likely involve some Pretty Woman moments when I’m on Rodeo Drive, living it up on the Vegas strip and ticking off a major bucket list goal by taking a tour around Alcatraz – heaven!!! It’s also not as structured attraction wise compared to the East Coast cities, there’s a lot more freedom to explore the beautiful nature locations. On this part of the trip we’ll mainly be hiking, taking dips in the crystal waters of the Colorado River and exploring the Grand Canyon by helicopter.

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