How much is too much?!

Within the fashion and beauty industry, a certain level of shopping is essential. It’s only natural that I enjoy the sport given the field I’m in. However, I often have people telling me I shop too much… but how much is too much? I work hard and have no children so my money is my own at the minute (obviously my priorities will change when I decide to have a family). I pay my bills, I’m not in any debt and I’ve been thinking about this a lot recently. People have their niches when it comes to spending, some enjoy lavish cars, others it’s home interior and for me it’s clothes and make up. Spending money on clothes is somewhat of an necessity as I can’t walk around naked but I do enjoy treating myself to a top or bag that catches my eye. I have noticed recently that some people think I spend too much on make up in particular. Yes, I have a large collection that I take great pride in (and I don’t mean this is a bratty way) but like I’ve said, I work hard and I’m not in any debt so why shouldn’t I spend my money on what I want to?!

Everyone is entitled to their opinion but I’m still curious regarding this topic and thought I’d discuss it on here. Of course there are times when other situations come up such as an unexpected bill, travel or the choice to have a baby, buy a car or home. When the day comes I’ll naturally switch from make up to nappies (and I’ll be more than happy to do so) but until that day comes, Sephora and Space NK are my guilty pleasures.

(Images shot with an Olympus E-PL7 using a 45mm lens.)

I’d love to know your thoughts on this topic? What qualifies as too much shopping for you? Leave me your comments below, I look forward to chatting with all of you.


High End Make Up Favourites

As much as I’m a lover of a bargain and high street purchases, every so often I love indulging in some high end treats. I always feel better when I treat myself to make up, it’s also part of the beauty blogging business investing in some products. (That’s my excuse!)


On a more serious note, I’ve quite sensitive skin so I do like spending a little more if it is a better match for me and doesn’t leave my skin in pieces. It took me so long to find a foundation that has good coverage, long lasting and doesn’t break my skin out so I’m more than happy to invest rather than save on money.

Charlotte Tilbury:

I first purchased some of her products last year when I was down in Dublin. The only place in Ireland you can buy Charlotte Tilbury is in Brown Thomas. It was one of her lipsticks in the shade, Bond Girl and it is such a beautiful product. It’s incredibly creamy and the colour is absolutely perfect for the Autumn season. I’ve also added a few more of her products to my collection such as the Film Star Bronze & Glow palette, Swish & Pop blush in the shade, Ecstasy, another lipstick called Coachella Coral, Lip Cheat pencil in Pink Venus and my favourite eyeshadow quartz in The Vintage Vamp. I would highly recommend this palette as it is so pigmented and the colours are just beautiful.




Such a classic brand, I have always been a massive fan of Hourglass. It was when I was in Boston last year that I started becoming obsessed with their products. I spent time testing out them out and I had heard so many amazing reports from various beauty bloggers beforehand. I purchased one of their iconic Fenme Nude lip stylo in Nude N°6, the much sought after ambient lighting palette and until recently their new ambient luminous bronzer. It definitely is a more high end brand as their products can be quite pricey but the quality of them are so worth it and the packaging alone is to die for.




The mother of all high end brands, YSL has become a strong favourite within the beauty industry. It took me a while to get round to checking out their products, don’t really know why. Of course, the first product that always come to mind are their magnificent lipsticks. I think I actually purchased my first one for the packaging alone. They are sooo unbelievably beautiful and rich looking. Each shade is represented around the lipstick tube which I love as it makes it easy to find. I’ve updated my collection over the past few months and I also purchased their new sun kissed blur perfector in number three.



One of the newest purchases I’ve made and I’ve yet to properly invest in more products. The skin pressed perfectors are definitely their most well known and popular products. Moonstone and Opal have been their most sought after shades when it comes to highlighting, however a few months ago, Becca collaborated with You Tube sensation, Jaclyn Hill and created, Champagne Pop. It is a beautiful and highly pigmented peach/rose gold shade that I absolutely adore. I had a family member get it for me in New York as it has yet to launch here in Ireland. I know I’ve only one Becca product but I just couldn’t resist sharing it with all of you as it is just a fabulous highlighter. I’m dying to try their radiance primers and other highlighters, new purchases in the near future.



A cult classic and iconic brand, Chanel have made a household name for themselves within the beauty industry. Their products are timeless and elegant, much more of a matured brand in my opinion. They do have some bold shades but their make up is for a woman who knows what she likes and who often has a signature look. I always think of Olivia Palermo when it comes to this Chanel beauty as she is such a chic person with signature styles. She always wears a deep red manicure and simplistic look, she is everything a Chanel woman represents. It all started with a blusher (no.82 – Reflex) for me and trickled on down to investing in their Le Blanc primer, Soleil Tan De Chanel bronzer and a beautiful plum shadow in the shade, Diapason.


I know the make up I’ve shared today is all very high end but it’s just something I like to save my money for and indulge in. We all have our weak spots and these iconic brands are definitely mine. If any of you lovely ladies have any recommendations please feel free to leave a comment below.


Top 5 || Highlighters

As a beauty blogger I have built up quite a large make up collection over the years (always a good excuse for over spending) in particular, highlighters. My addiction for highlighters is pretty intense, they’re probably the first product I check out when shopping online or in store. The strobing effect (a fancy word for highlight) has been in full swing over the past few months. Today I want to share my top five favourites with all of you, it was a hard decision trying to narrow it down to just five. I definitely prefer a more rose gold, pink shade highlighter with warm undertones. I try to branch out but I just find these shades work best with my skin tone.


Hourglass: The mother of all lighting palettes, this little trio has changed my life. I absolutely love Hourglass and I was so excited when I purchased this at Sephora when I was in Boston. Not only is it perfect for travelling but it sets, highlights and bronzes my face without caking. I know it’s a little pricey for some but I personally think that it is well worth the investment. It’s hard to hit pan with these as you can see from the photo. It will last you for years therefore you will never waste money on something expensive that runs out fast.

The Balm: I think this Mary Lou Manizer highlighter was one of my first back in the day. I bought it from Feel Unique but I think you can now buy this brand in selected Debenhams. If you’re looking for a striking highlight with intense pigmentation then this is the one for you. It’s more of a vanilla shade that can be great for most skin tones however if you have a tan I find that this can look too white on the skin. I use this when I’m going for that all out strobe effect and want to add a serious glow to my look. It’s different from my other ones but I just love how buttery it is. It’s also great for highlighting the inner corner of your eyes and brow bone.

M.A.C: Every girl on the planet is bound to have a highlighter from these make up giants in their collection. I would classify M.A.C as more of a high street brand so it is perfect for those of you who are just starting out and building up their collection. Titled Soft & Gentle it really is a naturally glowing product. This is the highlight that I wear on a daily basis as it is incredibly universal and long lasting. I apply it to my cheekbones, cupids bow, chin and brow bone for a subtle yet pretty glow.

Kevyn Aucoin: Definitely more of a splurge purchase, this delicate and dreamy product is one for the books. It is a high end brand therefore it comes with an expensive price tag. I save this beauty for special occasions after seeing it on Jaclyn Hill’s channel. It blends like an absolute dream and is perfectly pocket size. I have seen a lot of UK bloggers loving the Candlelight shade but I just prefer this pink toned product. Again it has a strong pigmentation and less is definitely more with this highlighter, I just apply this one to my cheekbones.

Laura Mercier: This next shade goes to a new level with this fabulous highligher. I love all things rose gold so it’s only natural that I invested in some make up. It is a work of art and definitely one for the collection. I think it might have been a limited edition, I’m not entirely sure but it was my go to product during the summer months. The detailing on the product is magnificent and makes it all the more appealing. Again as this is heavily pigmented, I only put this along the tops of my cheekbones and a tiny amount on my browbone.

The brands I love are mainly high end but that’s just a personal preference. I haven’t really came across any drugstore highlighters that are greatly pigmented or have long lasting power. However I am definitely open for suggestions so please feel free to leave me a comment below or on my Instagram.

Hope you all have a fab weekend! See you in my next post.


Sound of the Sales

It is crazy to think that Christmas is over. Sometimes I sit back and think that all of that hype was for one day! However, I suppose that is what makes it all so exhilarating. When you see your loved one tear open their gift and the look of excitement on their face makes it all the worth while. After you have digested your food baby and sweated the alcohol out of your system, for us ladies the task of shopping the sales takes on a whole new level.

I prefer St Stephen’s Day (Boxing Day) as it is perfectly acceptable to lounge around in your new fluffy PJ’s and indulge in some Quality Street sweeties and a touch of online shopping. I have never really been the type to pound the pavements to snap up a bargain, I would rather relax and shop online from the comfort of my own home. However saying that, I know everyone is different and I understand that there are ladies out there who enjoy making the trip into town to treat themselves and spend their Christmas gift vouchers for Boots and Debenhams. Today, I have highlighted some of my favourites bargains from the sales, some I have already purchased.


1. Accessorize – Surpreme Stacking Ring Set: WAS £17, NOW £6.

I am a sucker for stacking rings, it is my new favourite piece of accessory to wear on a night out. The combination of black and gold is a personal favourite of mine. These gorgeous styles from Accessorize are an absolute steal.

2. Lulu Guiness Black & White Stripe Clutch: WAS £325, NOW £195.

Ahhhh, my darling Lulu. I have been a huge fan of Lulu Guiness for a few years now and she always has a great sale. I’m a lover of all things black and white, this clutch is the perfect accessory for bringing in the New Year.

3. House of Fraser – Mary Portas Grey Silk Sweater: WAS £69, NOW £20.50.

I adore everything about this beautiful Mary Portas jumper. With this style it can act as a cute daytime piece worn with skinny jeans or you can dress it up with a pencil skirt for a fabulous dinner and cocktails attire.

4. Faith at Debenhams – Metallic Brogues: WAS £45, NOW £13.50.

Alarms bell ring whenever I see the good old 70% off sign. My heartbeat races as I check to see if my size is available, call me dramatic but it is the truth. Faith shoes still have their concession in Debenhams and often put on a good sale. These metallic brogues are perfect for those of you who want to start making more of a statement in 2015.

5. Space NK – Laura Mercier, Into The Wild Collection: WAS £78, NOW £39.

The mother of all things beauty, Laura Mercier is a strong favourite with beauty bloggers and this fabulous three palette collection is a must have for those of you who are into their make up. The set consists of eye shadows, blushers and bronzing shades. An unbelievable bargain and worth the hype.

6. Space NK – Laura Mercier, Travel Brush Set: WAS £78, NOW £39.

Continuing with both Space NK and Laura Mercier, I could not resist sharing this pretty travel brush set. It is the perfect purchase for those of you who are building up their brush collection. It can be costly buying brushes individually, so I would recommend a set for those of you who are just starting off.

7. Boots – Michael Kors Sexy Amber 50ml Gift Set: WAS £54.50, NOW £36.33.

I am a huge fan of all things MK, I have his handbags, clutches, purses, jewellery, make up and this perfume. The fragrance consists of Amber, Sandalwood and Jasmine. It smells Devine and I would highly recommend it to those of you who like a warm scent.

8. Yankee Candle – Apple Chai Jar: WAS £18.99, NOW £13.30.

During the sales, I’m not all about the style and beauty departments. I will venture into the candle concession and smell up a storm. A girl who loves a good candle will always appreciate the Yankee Candle sale. This year I will suggested a jar that breaks away from their traditional scent. I always buy a new scent after Christmas as I live burning it in the New Year. Call me weird, but it’s one of my things and I love it. Something light and sweet such as this Apple Chai is always a great scent to have around your home.

9. River Island – 5 Inch & Up Snakeskin Boots: WAS £120, NOW £60.

My final selection from the sales will not be for everyone. Many people find it hard to like the snakeskin style, myself included, but when I set eyes on these ankle boots from River Island, it was love. Finnish fashion blogger, Sandra Hagelstam, collaborated with River Island to design a collection of shoes and boots that are utterly fabulous. If you are not afraid of a high heel or statement shoe, them I would suggest going online or to your nearest store and purchasing yourself a pair immediately.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas. Enjoy shopping up an absolute storm in the sales, just try not to elbow anyone!


By Terry

As the saying goes, “A Sunday well spent brings a week of content”. I spent my day browsing around beauty heaven, Space NK and picked up a product that I have been lusting over for a while now. I also managed to squeeze in a mouthwatering caramel hot chocolate, perfect end to my weekend.


By Terry’s lip balm is widely known within the beauty industry and fellow bloggers as a piece of heaven. Now, it’s a high end piece of heaven given the fact that it costs £38, but I figured I deserved a treat. On Saturday I took a bad allergic reaction and I was rewarding myself for my bravery. When I was in the States I searched for this balm but couldn’t find it, not even realising that it was on my very own doorstep at Space NK.


Within the collection, you can pick between six shades, I chose the Baume De Rose as it is best suited to my skin tone. The shades will slightly tint your lips, however if you prefer a completely natural colour, then opt for the clear balm.


I have to admit that I am incredibly excited about my latest beauty purchase. I tested the balm on my lips when I was in store and gave it a little time to settle. I was pleasantly surprised at how moist my lips were. The delicate rose tint gave me some colour and the smell was devine. Although priced at £38, I would like to think it would impress me. It is an intensely nourishing treatment that acts as a salve for both lips and cuticles. My lips have been dry due to the Winter weather and I’m hoping that this miracle balm will repair, nourish and revitalise my lips. It felt deeply hydrating when on so I know I’m onto a winner.


I took my time before purchasing this product due to the price point. I had watched various beauty bloggers on their YouTube channels as they always give an honest opinion. I also read some details about the infamous balm at Space NK online.

lipo-regenerating complex made from rose flower essential wax and pastel oil to boost cell renewal. The soothing and healing powers of shea butter leave lips feeling deliciously smooth, while ceramides and vitamin E help to protect and fortify this delicate area against the signs of ageing. This ultra nourishing salve also doubles as a strengthening treatment for cuticles, simply massage in and let the creamy, soothing formula work its magic.”


I officially welcome Winter and its elements to try and chap my lips. As long as I have this balm buttering me up, I will be good to go!