The Summer Edit

This is the first time I’ve featured a Summer Edition post and I’m excited to share my essential pieces that span across style and beauty for this season. You may have already spotted some of the pieces in previous posts, they’re my key styles and products that I’m loving at the minute. Without babbling on too much, I’ll just get right down to business.

Jigsaw kimono:

This is definitely my favourite purchase within the last few months. I featured my love for this fabulous kimono a few week’s ago, you can read it here. It is such a effortless piece to style and the luxurious silk fabric helps it hang beautifully. What I like most about it is the rich colours, they are a nice change from the typical vibrant summer shades and it is a little more understated.

Tarte palette:

Ahhhh. The pièce de résistance, my beloved Tarte palette! This all matte beauty is most definitely a firm favourite for creating some soft and subtle summer looks. The ‘less is more’ rule certainly applies during the brighter months, the full face does not work well with the heat. I only purchased this palette a few week’s and it’s already my ‘go to’ product.

Dune handbag:

Every so often, I’ll *tell myself* that I deserve something special for being me. I’ll go on a more expensive shopping spree and indulge in some shameless “I deserve a treat” activities. I have a pretty strong handbag collection but every so often I find myself wanting a new colour, size, or shape, hence the reverse physiology. This Dune bag is definitely a multi purpose piece, I’ve used it as an airport bag, shopping bag and even on nights out.

Victoria Beckham nails:

I tend to go through phases when it comes to mainting my nails. I’ll spend a few months of the year getting them manicured by a beauty professional, I’ll then give them a ‘rest’ but out of pure laziness, I’ll never maintain the gel style. This is when I’ll start painting my own and investing in some colour and brands. My gorgeous Victoria Beckham set is all kinds of amazing and I find myself reaching for it throughout the bright months. The colours are lovely and I’m really loving the Bamboo White shade.

Office sandals:

My addiction for all things rose gold continues in the form of my absolute favourite Office sandals. I’m not much of a heel girl unless I’m going out for the night or have an event to attend. During the day, you’ll always find me running around in flats and these gladiator beauties are a winner. Not only are they incredibly comfortable but they help dress up my look and break away from my usual tan style. I’ve even worn these on nights out when I’ve just been too lazy to make an effort.

It was hard narrowing the post down just five pieces. I’ll end up going on a shopping spree this weekend and adding more pieces and products to my list! Happy Friday, lovelies.


Nails Inc x VVB

It will be a while before I can get my hands on a fabulous piece from Victoria Beckham’s collection so for now I’ll enjoy her nail polish collaboration with Nails Inc. I had been meaning to treat myself to this gorgeous set since it first launched but out of sheer laziness I never got round to it. I decided to indulge in a mini shopping spree last Friday (as you do) when I set eyes on this beauty in the House of Fraser.

The set consists of two shades, Judo Red and Bamboo White, perfect shades for summer in my opinion. At the moment I’m absolutely loving any crisp white or frosted pink tones so I know I’ll get great use out of the Bamboo White. I did test the colours out before purchasing them and they’re quite universal which is a bonus.

I do like a good two coats of polish for a solid look, sometimes even three if I’m feeling flirty. I applied two with the Bamboo White and I was pleasantly surprised that it gave me a full coverage finish. Sometimes when it comes to whites, creams and frosted shades I lose patience as no matter how many coats I apply, they’re always transparent looking. With regards to the Judo Red (it is more orange than red), due to time I was only able to apply one coat as I was in a rush but the pigmentation is so good with the one coat. Absolutely loving the results as you know yourself even on nights out you often forget to apply your polish and a last minute coat is generally what’s left. (And I’m not singing the praises of the polishes just because they’re by VB).


Have any of you tried the VB collaboration with Nails Inc yet? I’d love to know which shade is your favourite!