Blogging Goals for 2016

I know what you’re thinking. It’s 2016 and the cliché blog posts are going to take the internet by storm… mine included. I have a personal planner that I set my own goals in however I thought to myself that if I put them out in the blogosphere, I HAVE to follow them. I never make New Year resolutions but these are my own version for me and my blog. Usually if I say I’ll do something more, I end up giving up on them mid way through February. Pretty standard. I wanted to kick start this post with a beautiful quote from Just Sayin’ Girl and as I’m compiling this post I’m also busy flicking between the Sound of Music and Little Women, I grew up watching musicals so as you can imagine I’m in my element. Read More

#LFW || Best Bloggers To Follow On Instagram

With London Fashion Week SS16 just around the corner, I wanted to share and update my collection of blogger’s to follow during the week long festivities. I shared the same post last year (you can read it here) but this season I’ve updated my bloggers to follow. I still have some old favourites included but I have discovered some new bloggers over the past few months.

Taking place from 18th-24th September 2015, it is the most prestigious week long fashion extravaganza to hit the UK. I am hoping to go to February’s shows as it is for their AW16 showcase and also my birthday week. I’m much more of an Autumn/Winter baby so I would definitely prefer to go during this time.


Over the week I am constantly glued (more so than usual) to my Instagram feed. For today’s post I wanted to share my five favourite bloggers and vloggers to follow during LFW. Like I’ve already said, I included some golden oldies and new stylish ladies to keep an eye on during the week.

Hannah Crosskey from A Fashion Fix: A classic girl who’s OOTD posts are within the elite streets of London town. The iconic town houses and chic gardens are a constant feature within her posts. A regular at LFW, Hannah is definitely one to follow for up to date information and beautiful style shots.



Louise O’ Reilly from Style Me Curvy: It’s only natural that I include a fellow Irish blogger in the mix. Louise is one of the friendliest and down to earth girls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. She has won various awards for her blog and is an inspirational ambassador for gorgeous girls with beautiful curves. Her Instagram shots are so pretty and definitely worth mentioning for LFW.



Philippa Bloom & Sarah Tankel Ellis from We Are Twinset: A new addition to my LFW follow, these two girls have been creating a storm within the blogging community. I had the pleasure of meeting Philippa last year and she is equally beautiful in real life. They have such fabulous style and are greatly known within the London fashion scene as they have been stylists for a few years now. I can’t wait to see what they will be sharing during the week, no doubt they’ll get some backstage shots.



Victoria from In The Frow: An oldie but goodie, Victoria is a girl with white hair, tattoos and amazing style. She can rock pretty much any look and her shots from LFW are just so beautiful. She also has a You Tube channel so you can see the week long festivities through her eyes along with some behind the scenes action and make up tutorials.



Sandra Hagelstam from 5 Inch And Up: The absolute pro and in a league of her own when it comes to style and blogging, Sandra is a must follow in general. Her shots are incredibly raw and her looks are bold and brave. A lover of all things designer, she is my high end blogger that I love to follow as I live and breathe these designers vicariously through her.



(Image credit from each blogger and LFW Daily Instagram!)

I hope I have you all equipped for LFW, I just can’t wait to see all of the glorious shows unfold through the eyes of these amazing bloggers.


FAQ’s – Blogging, Style and Tattoos

Recently I’ve had a few requests to feature a FAQ post. I always try my best to answer all of your questions, particularly those sent via email. Hopefully some of these questions and answers will give you a little insight into my life.

Where do you live?

I live in Belfast. For the meantime anyway!

How many tattoos do you have?

I have four tattoos – three I love, one I regret. (The joys of growing up!)

Who’s your favourite style icon?

I don’t really have just one, that’s pretty impossible for me. I adore Olivia Palmero, Alexa Chung, Grace Kelly, Carey Mulligan, Sarah Jessica Parker, bloggers – Alexandra Pereira, Margaret Zhang and old movie favourites such as Barbara Streisand in Hello Dolly and Vivienne Leigh in Gone With The Wind .

Who’s your favourite illustrator?

I definitely have a weakness for art as I’m sure you’ve seen on my Instagram if you follow me (if not, come say hello!), in particular those who create stunning fashion pieces. Megan Hess is a personal favourite of mind but once again I have a few firm favourites.

If you could collaborate with one blogger who would it be?

Again, I can’t pick one! There are so many bloggers across the globe that I admire from Margaret Zhang (can you tell I’m obsessed with her?!) to Jaclyn Hill (I think she would be hilarious to work with!).

What camera do you use?

I use a Nikon D3100 with an 18 – 55 mm lense. I’m saving for a Canon to develop my photos more.

What do you use to edit your photos?

I use SnapSeed, it’s a straight forward app that allows you to tune your image and you also have the option to add some pretty filters.

Will you ever cross over to starting up a You Tube channel?

Ahhhh, the heart stopping question. I really do hope to start up my own channel in the near future. I just need to pluck up the courage to start filming. And also, I want to use a Canon for that so it’s still a hope in progress.

What You Tuber’s do you watch?

On a weekly basis I watch various beauty and fashion You Tuber’s such as Michelle Crossan, Victoria from In The Frow, Jaclyn Hill, Carli Bybel and Kathleen Lights.

Why did you start up your blog?

I started up my blog as I wanted to create a sort of online portfolio to share all of my writing, fashion and beauty interests. I wanted to do something that was completely out of my comfort zone and I have to admit that it has helped build my confidence as you have to social network like no other and also through working with PR companies and brands.

What advice would you give to those wanting to start blogging?

Well, lucky for you lovelies I featured a ‘Building Yourself A Blog’ post at the start of the year. You can read it here.

What platform is best to blog on?

I can’t really comment on Blogger as I’ve ever only used WordPress. I have heard mixed reports about both platforms so I would suggest doing a little research before setting your blog up. I do like WordPress though as I find it easy to navigate around.

I hope these answers give you a little glimpse into my life. Feel free to contact me on my social media accounts Twitter, Facebook Page and Instagram.

Happy Friday!