My Week On Instagram

Happy Friday! It has been a while since I last featured an Instagram post so I’ve featured some shots from a few week’s ago. It has been a busy week with events and I’m looking forward to relaxing this weekend. On Wednesday evening I attended an intimate skincare gathering in the beautiful Mal Maison Hotel. I will be featuring the brand here on my blog in a few week’s so stay tuned. I’m so excited to try out their products!

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Khaki obsessed

A quick OOTD for all of you featuring my favourite colour for this season, Khaki. Ever since I lightened my hair and opted for more of an ombre look I find that it suits me better. These photos were taken last month in Berlin and it’s only now that I’m getting to share then. On that day we were enjoying a stroll around the markets and fun fair. I decided to dress for the weather and the fact that we would be walking around the city. My usual Adidas trainers were a must have (I really need to start featuring more of my shoe collection haha) along with my black biker jeans (similar) and stripe top (similar). I went all out with khaki goodness from Topshop with my bomber jacket and backpack (and pretty Jigsaw pom pom). Accessories were kept to a minimum with my favourite sunglasses, oversized scarf (similar) and embellished gloves.
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Brandenburg Gate

My first post of 2016 and I’m kick starting things off with a new style post. I’m sure everyone and their mothers know at this stage that I took a trip to Berlin last month (I promise I’ll stop going on about it soon). During my city break, I decided to take the opportunity to shoot a mini OOTD feature at the iconic Brandenburg Gate. Read More

Oversized Scarf and Dungarees 

Finally! On Saturday the rain cleared to semi decent skies and I snapped up the opportunity to shoot some OOTD photos. I forgot just how hard it is to shoot some style posts during the Winter months, constant rain and darkness makes it such a challenge. You’ll all have to stick with me as I might not get the chance to upload style features every week due to the weather, I’ll try my best though.

How is everyone’s Christmas prep going? I’m off to Berlin in three week’s so I’m hoping to buy Christmas presents when I get home. Last minute I know but I’d rather have a great time in Germany and shop when I’m home. (Selfish I know but I can’t resist Duty Free!) I feel like I’ve been living in the same clothes since September. I’ve tried to edit my wardrobe by clearing out my unworn clothes and creating the perfect A/W essentials. Neutral tones with chunky knits and black jeans is my go to look these days. A firm favourite of mine and I’m hoping to add some more pieces to my wardrobe when I’m in Berlin. I love nothing more than shopping local designers whenever I’m travelling.

Shop the look: Coat: Next || Jumper: Next || Dungarees: ASOS || Shoes: Office || Scarf: Zara || Bag: vintage

Hope you all enjoyed today’s post. Fingers crossed the weather improves here, it’s killing me not being able to shoot looks for you all. See you all on Wednesday.


Trench Coat and Stripes

Apologies I didn’t post on Friday, my poor little camera is on its last legs and I’m now in a panick researching new ones. I’ve had my eye on the highly hyped about Olympus E-LP7 and the Canon 700d. I’m torn between the two as they are great cameras and the reviews have been amazing, I’ll need to make a decision soon as I can’t miss any more blog posts. If any of you have one of these or have used them before please feel free to leave a comment below, I would love to hear your thoughts !

Now. Back to the post. If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you’ll know that I’ve been going back to basics with my A/W wardrobe. I’ve been obsessed with my biker jeans from Zara and Adidas Superstars, they’re a regular feature in my weekend looks. You’ve all seen them quite a lot in recent posts and social media shots, definitely essential pieces for me. The classic stripe jumper always makes an appearance during the colder months, they’re an effortless print to style and worn with my trusty trench coat, it’s the perfect weekend look in my opinion. I went through a serious slogan phase regarding handbags, this unbelievable 80’s Hits cross body is my absolutely favourite bag. I love the copper tone and the old school decor, it’s actually big enough inside which makes it all the more appealing.

Shop the look: Biker jeans: similar || Shoes: Adidas Superstars || Top: similar || Trench: New Look || Bag: similar (I have this one too and I love it!)

How much of a wash out was that weekend?! The weather was not good for shooting looks in. On the bright side it did make for DVD marathons and junk food!